101030 KARA.SNSD.2NE1... Girl Group Big 3 "Showdown"


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    101030 KARA.SNSD.2NE1... Girl Group Big 3 "Showdown"

    Post by tank3006 on 2010-10-30, 07:59

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    Local Girl Group's Big 3 is expected to confront each other. SNSD, 2NE1 and KARA's comeback promotion activities will be around the same time in November.

    SNSD first revealed third single mini album title song 'Hoot' on 25 October, and taking the variety music chart by storms at #1. At the same time, the second single "Gee" which was released in Japan on 20 October also showed remarkable result and recently topping #1 on Oricon Single Chart (Daily).

    2NE1 will reveal follow-up song on this coming 31 October. Yang Hyun Suk YG Entertainment rep revealed this information on 27 October on his personal blog with a poster.

    Until recently, 2NE1 have finished promoting three title songs: "Go Away" "Clap hands" "Can't Nobody". From November onwards, 2NE1 will continue promotion activities with follow up song.

    Lastly, Kara will release forth mini album next month (17 November) after 9 months from their last stage performance. Initially it was planned to release new album last month but due to member han Seungyeon injury, comeback has been postponed.

    Kara will be promoting at the same time as SNSD in both Japan and Korea. Kara will release second single on 10 November in Japan. Despite comeback time or injury have been several factors for the halted activities for awhile but coming back with different charm and characters will always be greatly anticipated and expected to receive fans' warm welcome back.

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