101025 Jessica got into “food” controversy with netizens


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    101025 Jessica got into “food” controversy with netizens

    Post by ♥Jessica on 2010-10-25, 09:34

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    On Japanese music program, NHK’s “Music Japan” aired on October 24th, in reply to the MC’s question about her favorite Japanese food, Jessica replied, “Yakiniku”.

    Yakiniku literally stands for “grilled meat”. In Korea, the almost-similar dish is called “bulgogi” and it was believed to be the origin of Yakiniku. Yakiniku is introduced in Japan through adaptation and modification to the original Korean dish, bulgogi during the colonial era.

    Because of Jessica’s answer, netizens were quick to response and queried as to why Jessica likes to eat Japanese food originated from Korea.

    Accusations were made by netizens who commented:

    -”This situation is similar to Japanese singers replying “sushi” on TV programs when they’re asked about their favorite Korean food”
    -”I was wondering why she would choose a Korean food when she was asked about her favorite Japanese food”.
    -”At that moment, I thought Bulgogi is a Japanese food”


    Credit: news.mt.co.kr
    Article from: Fanwonder

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