101024 Yuri’s tears on “Running Man” aroused curiosity


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    101024 Yuri’s tears on “Running Man” aroused curiosity

    Post by ♥Jessica on 2010-10-24, 17:23

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    Following the news of Yuri’s appearance on “Running Man”, netizens have shown much anticipations for the particular episode of the show which will be aired next week.

    In the evening of October 24th, the trailer of next week’s episode of SBS variety program “Running Man” which highlighted Yuri’s surprise appearance was aired and it has since garnered much interest among netizens. In the trailer, Yuri and the members of the “Running Man” program seemed to be carrying out a difficult mission at a mart.

    Yuri and SNSD will be making a comeback on October 29th for their 3rd mini-album “Hoot” and Yuri had just finished the recording of “Running Man” recently.

    In one of the scene featured in the trailer, Yuri was seen tearing up and netizens are curious about the reasons for her tears.

    The trailer received explosive reactions from netizens who commented:

    - “I was surprised by the news of Yuri’s appearance”
    - “I’m already looking forward to it. I want to see it as soon as possible”
    - “Yuri seemed to be crying. Why? I can’t wait till next week to find out”


    Credits to fanwonder.com

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