101016 Jessica's twitter suspended

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    101016 Jessica's twitter suspended

    Post by vicdrian on 2010-10-17, 16:50

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    Just three days after its creation, SNSD’s Jessica had her Twitter account suspended due to anti-fans.

    The account (twitter.com/jess_syj) opened on October 13th, and it’s speculated that hordes of anti-fans falsely abused the “Report Spam” system. Users can find their accounts suspended if there are massive spam complaints sent to the “Help Centre”. Numerous anti-fans also blocked her profile.

    On the plus side though, this incident reveals that the overseas popularity of SNSD has increased to a formidable presence over the years, as the group seems to have a proportional amount of haters to fans.

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    Re: 101016 Jessica's twitter suspended

    Post by -F4nZ^SeoHyuN- on 2010-10-20, 06:46

    What is this ?? mean ?? need to create an account there ?? only can see the information ??

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