120506 TaeTiSeo: Girls’ Generation became closer despite busy individual activities


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    120506 TaeTiSeo: Girls’ Generation became closer despite busy individual activities

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2012-05-06, 10:07

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    TaeTiSeo members revealed that they have become closer to the other Girls’ Generation members.
    While meeting up with OSEN recently, TaeTiSeo said, “Due to a lot of individual activities, it’s hard for us to meet one another nowadays. As we have always been interacting with one another through chat rooms on our smartphones, we’ve become much stronger.”

    Taeyeon said, “Having said that, among the members, we’ve been saying words that show we miss one another frequently nowadays. As we’ve not been taking a lot of photos together for remembrance after elementary and middle schools, we take photos whenever we get the chance to see each other.”

    She added, ” As the 3-member TaeTiSeo, we will be working really hard with much confidence but I think the energy is very different compared to when all 9 of us are on the stage together. As there are only 3 of us in TaeTiSeo, the waiting rooms assigned to us in broadcast stations are much smaller as well.”

    Tiffany then said, “I’m very thankful to the other members for sincerely supporting TaeTiSeo. As I was watching our ‘Twinkle’ music video along with the other Girls’ Generation members, there was a funny moment when the members were suspecting if our agency is investing more in TaeTiSeo than in Girls’ Generation. I think we’re loving each other more with every passing day.”

    The girls also mentioned about some aspects where they have improved while carrying out activities as a subunit group. Tiffany added, “There is always a limit to the styles that a member could try out when we’re doing activities as the 9-member Girls’ Generation. Therefore, we could only present the same style. However, in the case of TaeTiSeo, as we’re promoting with only 3 members, there is a much wider range of choices to select from and thus, it’s possible to present various styles more frequently than when we’re promoting as 9 members.”

    Taeyeon continued, “While doing promotional activities as Girls’ Generation, choreography is the major aspect in our performances but for TaeTiSeo, it’s more vocal-oriented rather than the choreography. I think that is the biggest change we’ve experienced so far.”

    TaeTiSeo kicked off their promotional activities with their first performance on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ and has been receiving a lot of good comments for their excellent live performances.

    Credit: osen.co.kr

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