120119 Girls’ Generation mentors Dangerous Boys with concern and sincerity

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    120119 Girls’ Generation mentors Dangerous Boys with concern and sincerity

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2012-01-19, 11:13

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    Seohyun: “You shouldn’t live like that!”

    Tiffany: “A promise isn’t something that you should try to keep; it’s something that you must keep.”

    Through the new show ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys’, which is being aired through the new broadcasting channel JTBC, viewers are able to see Girls’ Generation fulfilling their responsibilities as mentors at very high standards. At times, the girls can be harsh and upfront mentors and at other times, they can be the soft and encouraging elder sisters. But either way, the girls’ heartfelt concern towards the five troublesome boys can be felt.

    Up until now, Girls’ Generation has shown a lot of their various talents and bright personalities through singing, acting, musicals and more, without a peaceful day to rest. However, through this program, more of the girls’ personalities and characteristics were shown to the point, where even the fans were surprised that the girls’ had a side of them like this, which gathered even more attention from the viewers.

    Instead of mentoring the boys as Girls’ Generation, each member carried out their roles as mentors by approaching the boys as themselves and not as top celebrities by just being as they were with their real personalities. And by doing so, some of the girls even created characters for themselves, such as, ‘Hot-headed Seohyun’, ‘Mommy Taeyeon’ and ‘Strict Tiffany’.

    Even when the cameras are not running and they are not filming, the girls continue to keep in touch with their assigned mentee, and even with their busy schedules, they always find the time to talk with the boys and send them words of encouragement and advice. In particular, the text messages that were sent between Taeyeon and her mentee was broadcasted on one of the episodes which gathered a lot of attention, as well as envy from the fans.

    Although the girls are an icon that most of youth looks up to, heartfelt concern and sincerity has to be included during this mentoring process or it would have never made an impact on the boys. So putting the entertainment and program aside, it is because of their true concern and strong sense of duty to help improve the lifestyle of these boys, that the boys themselves find hope and the will to change for their own good.

    ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys’ airs every Sunday at 7.30pm.

    Credit: tvreport.co.kr
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