100923 Leeteuk and Taeyeon rumors

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    100923 Leeteuk and Taeyeon rumors

    Post by vicdrian on 2010-09-26, 12:29

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    First... a notice from September 9th (Intro)

    The dating speculations continue to build, as Super Junior’s Leeteuk and SNSD’s Taeyeon were seen sporting matching accessories once again.

    Earlier this year, the two SM Entertainment artists were both spotted wearing the same necklaces, which quickly spurred many eagle-eyed netizens into thinking that the two were actually dating. Just recently, photos serving as new evidence have been whirling about on various portal sites. This time, Leeteuk and Taeyeon were seen wearing the same “PLAY BOY” design earrings.

    While it may be merely coincidental, fans quickly compiled various occasions when Leeteuk and Taeyeon were seen wearing these earrings: Taeyeonat “Superbad” press conference, Leeteuk at the SM concert press conference, and both Taeyeon and Leeteuk at the airport in the states for the SM concert.

    The singers were found wearing a different sized pair of these “PLAY BOY” studs, with one being larger than the other.

    Basing off of these dating speculations, their fans have commented:

    “That means they’re wearing one side of each other’s earrings?”

    “Same necklaces and earrings… don’t seem to have happened out of coincidence.”

    “Their stylists probably made them wear those.”

    “I doubt it.”

    “They would make a cute couple!”

    All of this is just speculation. It’s possible that the singers wore the earrings because they were given to them by their stylists.

    Now the other:

    Super Junior’s Leeteuk denied on the September 23rd airing of “Radio Star” regarding the rumors of him in a dating relationship with SNSD’s Taeyeon.

    He opened up to the MCs and fellow guest on his recent “couple earring” incidents.

    To the “pestering” questions from the MC, he replied, “I personally bought those bunny earrings. In fact, I was the first to buy it. It was purely coincidental that she wore an identical piece.”

    Shindong added a spice of humor by stating, “If MC Kim Gura wore the earrings, such rumors wouldn’t have popped up.”

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    This is part of an account from the owner of NaNa, a piercings shop near the SM Building regarding the incident:

    When I saw the news article I just chuckled

    Well it’s not impossible that the two of them can be such and such but… Leeteuk already gets many piercing gifts from fans

    and he had this accessory long before Taeyeon..

    On Thursday Sep 2nd.. the girls came rushing in to my shop in the morning.

    Taeyeon Hyoyeon Sunny Yoona..

    Leaving for US the girls stopped by before hurriedly going to the airport.

    On that day Taeyeon bought the bunny and left wearing it..

    Now the news articles are out, Taeyeon and couple piercings really? kekeke

    It’s the number 1 search term.. just chuckling

    So they didn'tbuy the accesories together, , it's only a curious coincidence.


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