100924 Detailed analysis of SNSD’s successful debut in Japan


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    100924 Detailed analysis of SNSD’s successful debut in Japan

    Post by ♥Jessica on 2010-09-25, 12:28

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    Secrets of SNSD’s success in Japan were analyzed in a Japanese TV Program.

    Aired on September 12th, Fuji TV’s “Mr. Sunday” made an analysis on why SNSD seems to be more popular among female audiences than male audiences.

    On the show, during the “Dr. Sunday’s Corner”, Nikkei Entertainment Editor, Shinada Hideo explained that there are 3 main factors behind SNSD’s success in Japan.

    The first factor is called “CC” which stands for “Carbon Copy”. As the name implies, this factor is all about spreading the news/information of Soshi to one another. In the old days, popularity was gained through TV appearances but nowadays, one could be popular before debut, thanks to the Internet and IT skills.

    The second factor is that the idols nowadays could take advantage and enjoy full benefits from the high-definition era. During the analog TV era where the aspect ratio of TV screen is 4:3, it is a challenge to have all 9 persons within the coverage of the screen. Now, in the era of HD TV where there are screens with 16:9 ratio, it is not a problem to have all the girls in one screen.

    The third factor is known as “cross”. The crossing of arms is a behavior or a gesture that emphasize one’s femininity. The dance choreography of “Genie” involves a lot of moves where the girls cross their arms and legs. These movements seem to appeal to viewers.

    In addition to these factors, much attention have also been given to their pretty legs. SNSD’s hit single in Korea “Gee” which will be making its entrance into the Japanese market on October 20th emphasizes cuteness, which is very different from Genie’s sexy and cool concept. The impact of the leg crossing moves in the PV was highlighted on the show.

    Although Japanese men are fascinated by their appearances, the acceptance rate of SNSD among male audience is somewhat lower than female audiences who are attracted by their beauty, styles and dancing skills.

    While Japanese idols focus on giving an intimate feeling for the viewers, SNSD’s combination of powerful performance and attractive appearance prove to be the right recipe among female fans.

    Shinada Hideo said, “Japanese women think that looking as cool as SNSD makes them feel like stars.”

    credit: fanwonder.com
    source: newsen.com

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