111220 Trademark rights to “Girls’ Generation” registered by an outside party


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    111220 Trademark rights to “Girls’ Generation” registered by an outside party

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-12-20, 04:59

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    It has been revealed that an outside party partially owns the trademark rights to the term ‘Girls’ Generation‘, or SNSD.

    According to the December 19th press release from Financial Newspress, a part of the trademark rights to ‘Girls’ Generation’ is owned by an individual who has no connections to their agency.

    The press release also reports that although the rights to areas relevant to SNSD’s entertainment promotions has been registered previously by SM, the rights to the use of the term in 9 other areas including clothing, food, beauty, telemarketing, and more have been registered by an outside party.

    The individual is known to have released a warning to a shopping mall who has also utilized the term ‘Girls’ Generation’ without prior notice, as he wants to be compensated for the losses he has suffered.

    After learning that an outside party has registered ‘Girls’ Generation’, SNSD’s agency SM Entertainment has registered the terms ‘Soshi’ and ’少女時代’ (Girls’ Generation in Japanese or Shoujo Jidai) under 9 different areas including clothing and beauty.

    Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate

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