111220 SM Entertainment seeks to reclaim unique trademark ‘Girls’ Generation’


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    111220 SM Entertainment seeks to reclaim unique trademark ‘Girls’ Generation’

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-12-20, 04:56

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    Apparently, some of the Girls’ Generation trademarks are not owned by SM Entertainment but instead, by some other parties.
    According to SM Entertainment on December 19th, out of Girls’ Generation’s trademarks, 9 categories of items, which include clothing, food products, beauty products, etc, are not registered under SM Entertainment but are privately owned by other parties.

    At the time when Girls’ Generation first debuted, only trademarks related to their entertainment activities were registered but items in categories which pose controversies and problems at the moment, such as beauty products, clothing and others were not registered under SM Entertainment.

    As a preemptive measure, SM Entertainment has filed a trademark application for Girls’ Generation’s abbreviation ‘Soshi’ and ‘少女時代’ on the 9 categories of products. However, to reclaim the unique trademark of ‘Girls’ Generation’ under their ownership, SM Entertainment is continuously seeking the advice of their legal officers.

    Credit: newsen.com

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