100924 Crossing that 100,000 Mark

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    100924 Crossing that 100,000 Mark

    Post by vicdrian on 2010-09-25, 01:36

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    Numbers play such a big role in this world…and for the most part, the bigger the better.

    Get yo mind out of that gutter.

    Anyway, back on track. SNSD is about to accomplish another great feat..the sale of their albums are ready to pass that 100,000 mark in both Korea and Japan. This all started in Korea with the release of “Oh!” and “Run Devil Run”. Based on the Hanteo Music Chart, for 8 months a total of 170,775 albums were sold! This might not be alot for some of you but with the increasing rate of illegal downloaders in Asia..this is an accomplishment.

    The previous year, Gee and Genie albums both sold a total of 168,605 albums so the girls popularity and sales have both been on a positive, upward trend! As for their Japanese single, Genie, 45,000 copies were sold in the first week alone. Japanese Gee single will be out on the 20th of next month so if the girls keep it up, they’ll definitely pass 100,000 for Japan too! That will FOR SURE be an accomplishment since the girls have only started promoting in Japan.

    I hate to repeat this phrase over and over…but it’s just so true. Power of the 9. Dunno about you readers but I’m ready for some Soshi Domination, lehh goo!

    source; fanwonder.com, sportsseoul.com
    writer: bosslady@snsdkorean
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    Re: 100924 Crossing that 100,000 Mark

    Post by kayz87 on 2010-09-25, 21:45

    they just awesome...gd luck 4 them

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