111215 Girls’ Generation to promote JCE’s game series ‘Freestyle Sports’


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    111215 Girls’ Generation to promote JCE’s game series ‘Freestyle Sports’

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-12-15, 12:37

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    On December 15th, A representative of JCE ([You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Song InSoo confirmed the appointment of Girls’ Generation as their models to promote the company’s representative game series brand name ‘Freestyle Sports’. JCE kicked off its marketing activities by introducing Girls’ Generation as the characters in the games.

    Taking their very first shot at star marketing, JCE selected Girls’ Generation as their promotional models for winter game titles ‘Freestyle’, ‘Freestyle Football’ and ‘Freestyle 2′ which are bundled into a single game series called ‘Freestyle Sports’.

    The characters in each of the games in ‘Freestyle Sports’ consists of 3 Girls’ Generation members. In the future, more updates on the winter ‘Freestyle Sports’ series will be made available through various online and offline promotions.

    JCE’s representative, Song InSoo said, “The Freestyle Series which is the representative of Korea Republic’s online sports game matches well with Girls’ Generation image as the nation’s representative girl group. Since ‘Freestyle Sports’ and Girls’ Generation are both loved by many male fans, this collaboration would have a positive synergy effect towards one another”.

    Ahead of the launch of Girls’ Generation characters, an event called ‘Guess the appearance of Girls’ Generation members in each game!’ will be organized from December 15th onwards. At the same time, the event which invites fans and gamers alike to guess ‘which 3 members appear in which game’ will also be conducted through the websites of ‘Freestyle’, ‘Freestyle Football’ and ‘Freestyle 2′. One can participate in the event after logging into the sites and leave comments. The winner of the ‘Girls’ Generation Character’ products will be determined via lucky draws.

    Information about the ‘Freestyle Sports’ with Girls’ Generation events and other updates can be obtained from ‘Freestyle”s official site (http://fs.joycity.com), ‘Freestyle Football”s official site (http://fsf.joycity.com) and
    ‘Freestyle 2”s official site (http://fs2.joycity.com).

    Enjoy the official teaser below!

    Credit: dailyesports.com/iluvSNSD2@YouTube

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