100922 SONEms Upgrades


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    100922 SONEms Upgrades

    Post by Tetsuya on 2010-09-22, 16:18

    Well, Hi there fellow members of SONEms
    the Girls' are getting good reactions from Japan
    and now there is a Japan Album - Gee coming soon at 20th October!
    Preorder it Here

    Firstly I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Hyoyeon
    Hyoyeon Birthday Thread can be found here

    Thank you every who have commented on the thread!

    Next I would like to introduce the New Features of SONEms

    Firstly, as you can see
    a Slidebar for latest Updates and Annoucement have been placed up

    You can click the links on the purple section to get to the link

    Next, yes, the layout

    this time i concentrating on the colour of purple blue and black

    and the background now has changed.

    The background size is just 4kb compared to the previous background that take a long time to load.

    If you guys still want the previous background . you guys can comment up to request it

    so i would change the background back to a more 'Soshi' one
    but make sure the number of request is many.

    Next , I've added a 3 column footer on below
    It shows archives comments and top visitors.

    I've made this blog compatible to mobile
    so you can web surfing on mobile or your iphones ^^
    (but i haven't try it yet.)

    and lastly, if you notice all the picture when you hover to it
    it will fade. It's a nice effect right ? ^^

    Now, I've the introducing of new features on SONEms

    Our site still need new dedicated staff, since all the time i'm working alone
    but i still wanted to thank some of the staff that is working on the forum.
    You can apply it here. 

    Next, you can also help us out by voting for us
    by voting, we can get more and more member plus community
    then more activities can be held.
    I wanted to have some activity at the end of the year but. .. let's see how much
    good our site is =D.

    SNSD Fansites

    and for those who still didnt know yet

    we already have a forum

    but we still need more member at it

    so Join us Here

    Thats All!

    It's all what I can do know 

    Our site is nearly 10month old 

    and I do hope there will be more active member and I appreciate all the comments

    Thank you for visiting us! 

    Sincerely from SONEms 

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