111205 Getting to know Kwon Yuri on 1205


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    111205 Getting to know Kwon Yuri on 1205

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-12-05, 06:22

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    It’s been 4 years since Girls’ Generation made their debut. These 4 years have made her grow up, many things changed but she is still Kwon Yuri. Some of us have been a fan for 4 years, while some had just joined this fandom, but does anyone really know her well?

    On this special occasion, perhaps you can take some time to know more about the birthday girl. I can’t be sure how much more you’ll know about her after reading this, but at least I can be sure, that you’ll love her more after today.

    Kwon Yuri is a dangerous person. The more you know about her, the deeper you fall in love with her. You don’t know her, not because of your ignorance, it’s simply because there’s too much to be discovered in her.

    She is not someone who grins all day, simple-minded and mischievous;
    She has thoughts, goals and dreams, she is someone who works hard anytime anywhere;
    She doesn’t like losing, but never insist to win;
    She is hardworking and enthusiastic, not for the victory, but to enjoy the process;
    She is not strong, she just wants herself to be strong;
    She is not open-minded about everything, she just wants herself to be open-minded;
    She is polite, friendly to everyone, but not everyone can be close to her;

    Not everyone can open the door of her heart, but to those who did, she treats them well, from the bottom of her heart.

    The Director of the television programme ‘Girls go to School’ described her this way:
    “Differing from her quiet and elegant appearance, she is a soft-hearted girl who loves aegyo. No matter how tired she is, once the filming starts, she works harder than anyone else. Her character? Straightforward without affectation. Her charms? The instinct to be funny hiding inside her. In life? She gives her best at any time. Full of talents, with unstoppable attractiveness. She’s a girl like a chameleon.”

    She’s born to be an artiste, every members says so.

    Taeyeon said, “Her smile is friendly and kind, but too dazzling. I almost thought that she was already a debuted artiste.”
    Sooyoung said, “She has too many talents. I could already predict that she’s going to succeed in the future.”
    Yoona chose her as the member whom she admires the most. She said, “I admire her appearances when she is dancing. Her dance has a magical charm that can conquer the audiences.”

    But in fact, she is not a genius.

    She wrote, “A genius cannot win a hardworking person, a hardworking person cannot win a person in enjoyment”.

    Just like her motto, instead of a genius, she is simply a hardworking person.

    She said, “I’m the slowest at memorizing dance steps.”
    For a member who’s slowest at memorizing choreography, how much time must she put into practice?
    Indeed, the reason for her to be liked by everyone, does not just limit to her outer appearances.

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    What we are looking at now, is just the 23 years old Kwon Yuri – a grown up girl, grinning brightly whenever we see her.

    Perhaps we have neglected some of the past history, history that we all want to forget. There is a need to recall them, because it tells us how much things Kwon Yuri is hiding in her, how much she has experienced, suffered, and how much she has changed and grown.

    Do you still remember the Tossi Blog she had?

    There, she updated things that we couldn’t see. She displayed the true sides of her – her real feelings, tears and laughter. She told us that she heard SONE’s fan chant. She said, “Sones are the best, you support us for everything we’ve said and done.” She told us that she wore the 1st anniversary T-shirt. She told us that.. Right now it’s Girls’ Generation, in the future it’s Girls’ Generation, forever… It’s Girls’ Generation.

    On 19th November 2008, she updated her blog for the last time.
    Then it’s the dark season we can never forget.
    In the space only belonged to her and her fans, filled with spams from Antis.
    That night, she closed the blog.

    But perhaps, what she had closed, wasn’t just a blog.

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    Since when did she stop doing things that she used to do?
    She isn’t mischievous anymore, she doesn’t laugh without control anymore, she doesn’t shed tears in front of the camera anymore. She doesn’t allow herself to be fail anymore.
    Whenever we want to comfort her, we realise that she has already wiped away her tears, and covered her sadness with a smile.

    Taeyeon said, that whenever she is troubled, Yuri will come to her side and infect her with her brightness. Taeyeon said she likes Yuri, for being the tonic, vitamin and endorphin. But a member like this, is also someone she worries for.

    Maybe Yuri did not change, she just became stronger. She has become stronger, a stronger guardian for SNSD, and for SONE.
    She said, “To me, SNSD is like my heart. Because of SNSD, I can run, I can feel the excitement, and I can feel that I am alive.”

    To her, SNSD and Sone play special roles in her life, they are the people she wants to protect, she has to protect, and she has the ability to protect. Then perhaps thinking of this, we can be less worried for her even if she cries, we can have less heartache whenever she suffers. Because she is working hard not without a reason, She is sacrificing, changing and growing for the people she loves.

    Being a person who makes up the group of people Yuri became stronger for, what we should do, is not just to cry together with her, and worry for her every time. We have to become stronger with her, to prove that we are people who deserve the blood, sweat and tears she has put in.

    Yuri is enjoying her life as an SNSD member, we are enjoying our lives as fans of Girls’ Generation. Now that the girls have become the top girl group, this fandom seems almost perfect. But there are in fact many things we can do, for us and for the girls. They are hiding too much of their tears and weariness from us. Be stronger, because we want to tell Yuri that she is allowed to cry, allowed to show any emotion without control, we’re there to be the pillars supporting her and other 8 girls at the back. Whenever they need us, just turn back, they’ll see a pink ocean behind telling them, we are here.

    To end this, I would like to wish our beloved Yuri a happy 23rd birthday. Thanks to her for everything she has done. I hope that we can see a happy Kwon Yuri forever.
    Right now, forever and always it’s Girls’ Generation.

    (This post contains translated contents taken from Keedo806 on weibo. Thanks Keedo805 for making such a meaningful video about Yuri, appreciate it very much.)
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    Photo Credit: Kwonyuri.net + Kwonyuri125.com

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