100916 Teamwork, the key to SNSD’s Japan success


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    100916 Teamwork, the key to SNSD’s Japan success

    Post by ♥Jessica on 2010-09-17, 18:45

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    Another secret to SNSD’s success in Japan have been discovered ever since the lightning strike incident. This time, the key lies within the Soshi themselves. It is something that must have been developed through the years – TEAMWORK.

    The girls have proven that a group does not need 48 members to be successful in Japan. According to SM Entertainment’s representative, the teamwork in the group has gotten better than before and their performances were much better than what he expected. The representative added that the girls will enjoy more success at the peak of the career with such mentality and attitude.

    Ever since the girls’ debut on September 8th, their achievements have been really impressive due to the overwhelming response from Japanese and International fans. They debuted at no.5 on Oricon’s Daily Singles Chart and managed to grab the no.2 spot a few days later. SNSD’s Genie MV on the other hand, topped the iTunes Japan’s chart.

    Credits: newsen.com

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