111116 Girls’ Generation talks about stalkers and stage wardrobe malfunctions on ‘Strong Heart’


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    111116 Girls’ Generation talks about stalkers and stage wardrobe malfunctions on ‘Strong Heart’

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-11-16, 11:22

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    On November 15th, part 2 of ‘Strong Heart’s Talk Selection Contest’ was aired. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Tiffany, Taeyeon and Yuri appeared as guests and they showed off their talking skills once again.

    As the topic shifted to blood types, Yoona talked about her losing temper at a stalker outside their dorm, revealing her hot temper as a B-type person.

    After touching on the previously discussed ‘Jessica’s stalker incident’, Yoona continued, “I’ve also met the man who peeped around in front of our dorm. As I saw him going up through the staircase while I took the lift, I lost my temper immediately, shut the door of our dorm and kept staring at the direction of the staircase.”

    Finally, Yoona witnessed the man peeking silently and shouted at him before signaling for the man to go to her. Yoona continued explaining, “Because I suddenly lost my temper, I asked the man if he lived here, then told him that he should not be doing that (trespassing).”

    Yoona then said, “However, after knowing more, he turned out to be a very nice fan of us so I wasn’t angry anymore.”

    Besides that, Yoona also told the story of her becoming ‘Torn Yoona’.

    Yoona said, “We had special stages during the Japan SMTown concert a few months ago. There was a dance step where I was required to collapse onto the floor with hands stretched and stand up again. The moment I sat down, there was a weird sound. Although I felt something weird, I could not check anything. So I started dancing cautiously.”

    Yoona continued, “I was afraid that photos were taken, so I went to search for them. Fortunately, no photo caught the moment. I’m worried that as I said this, people who have the photos will upload it. I sincerely hope that people will not do it.”

    Funnily, after hearing Yoona’s story, Yuri confessed that she also danced cautiously as she thought the same would happen to hers, making the studio burst into laughter.

    Taeyeon also confessed, “I once had my stage costume torn at the side and the clothes stuck to the body as I perspired a lot. As I covered the area with my hand and continued singing, I couldn’t bear with it and said ‘Help me!’ into the mic.”

    Credit: hankyung.com + news.mt.co.kr
    Translated by: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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