111115 SM Entertainment to release a boy group next year?


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    111115 SM Entertainment to release a boy group next year?

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-11-15, 09:29

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    According to Newsen, SM Entertainment will be releasing another idol group for the first time in three years.

    An insider has reported that SM Entertainment will be releasing a boy group, bringing together Korean, Japanese, and Chinese members in order to better reach out to a more international audience. The number of members have yet to be decided, however the group will be also working as units after their official debut.

    SM Entertainment has not released a new idol group after the release of f(x) back in September of 2009. SM artists have grouped together to form the ‘SM the ballad’, but no new faces have emerged from the agency.

    For the past two years, SM has been putting on SM TOWN LIVE concerts all over the world, spreading K-pop awareness in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, as well as crossing over to Europe, and completing successful sold-out shows in major American cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

    SM Entertainment has successfully promoted their artists through their official SNS and Youtube channel, and likewise, fans will be able to immediately receive updates on their new upcoming idol group through these sources as well. What’s garnering more attention is the fact that SME is breaking the current trend of girl groups and will be releasing an all-male idol group.

    Source & Image: Newsen

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