111107 Tiffany on preparing for ‘Fame’: “I was rehearsing 12 hours a day”


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    111107 Tiffany on preparing for ‘Fame’: “I was rehearsing 12 hours a day”

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-11-07, 17:07

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    On November 7th, upcoming musical ‘Fame‘ held a press showcase at the Dong Soong Art Center in Seoul with cast members Son Ho Young, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, SNSD‘s Tiffany, CSJH‘s Lina, Trax‘s Jungmo, Kon, and more.

    Tiffany, who’ll be making her musical debut through the role of Carmen Diaz, revealed, “I practiced for 12 hours from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.”

    She continued, “In rehearsals, I would have to concentrate on my singing, acting, and dancing — there was so much to do that I didn’t know what to focus on. My SNSD groupmates, who had previous musical experience, told me to just concentrate on whatever was necessary. I think that’s the best way to put it.”

    Commenting on the intense choreography, Tiffany said, “In one of SNSD’s performances, I had to dance on a moving table with wheels, so in comparison, it’s not that difficult. Engaging with the audience without a camera is so new and different for me, however. I’m still learning.”

    ‘Fame’ is one of the most popular musicals in the world, as it was viewed by nearly 4 million people from 1995 to 2006. With an estimated revenue of 56,000,000 pounds, it’s the best-selling West End musicals to date. ‘Fame’ has gained international recognition, with over 300 productions shown in 16 different countries.

    ‘Fame’ will play at the Olympic Park Woori Finance Art Hall starting on November 25th.

    Source + Photo: TV Daily via Nate

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