111107 Taeyeon: Can I pick Infinite again?


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    111107 Taeyeon: Can I pick Infinite again?

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-11-07, 17:02

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    On SBS Radio Power FM ‘Choi HwaJung’s Power Time’ aired on November 7th, Taeyeon named Infinite as her favorite juniors.

    Upon hearing Taeyeon’s choice, DJ Choi HwaJung asked, “Is there a group that comes next after Infinite?”. Taeyeon then replied, “Can I mention Infinite once again?”.

    Choi HwaJung also asked the girls if they have encountered new groups who find it difficult to approach them since it has been quite some time before they made a comeback to the Korean music scene. To this the girls replied, “Honestly, many new groups actually feel uncomfortable and find it difficult to approach us. Therefore, they greeted us loudly and made 90-degree bows”.

    The DJ then asked, “How about treating it as a friendly bow?”. In reply to this, Sunny replied, “Honestly, it’s only 4 years since we debuted and so, we feel it’s fine that we just greet one another rather than receiving them”.

    Credit: hankooki.com

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