111026 Girls’ Generation turns Times Square pink!


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    111026 Girls’ Generation turns Times Square pink!

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-10-26, 04:03

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    Girls’ Generation, who showed off their charms at successfully completed ‘SMTOWN Live in New York’ concert on October 23rd, participated in the filming of one of MTV channel’s programme and conquered the centre of New York – Times Square.

    Promoting their worldwide-released song ‘The Boys’, Girls’ Generation appeared on the special programme on the music channel, MTV, on October 24th at 3pm (New York standard time). The programme, aired on ‘MTV News’ and ‘MTV Network Channel’, included an interview conducted with Girls’ Generation.

    It is also worth mentioning that the programme was not only filmed at the MTV open studio located at New York’s Times Square, but it was also broadcasted live through the huge MTV display screen opposite the open studio. As fans from all regions of US gathered at Times Square to watch Girls’ Generation, their global popularity was once again proven to be true.

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    As soon as Girls’ Generation appeared onscreen, fans held up fan boards, towels and folding fans prepared in advance and at the same time, shouted members’ names loudly. Throughout the filming, fans stayed with the members and supported them, attracting attentions of the New York residents passing by Broadway.

    As the MTV programme and ‘The Boys’ teaser video were broadcasted on the screen in Times Square on October 24th and 17th respectively, many fans have stood along the road to watch. So many fans were there that it created an illusion that Times Square has become ‘Girls’ Generation Road’.

    Furthermore, after the filming of the MTV programme ended, Girls’ Generation held their first US fan meeting at the ‘BEST BUY Theater’ located at New York’s Broadway, to introduce their new album and the girls answered questions through the Q&A session. More than a thousand fans gathered at the fan meeting, once again indicating Girls’ Generation’s popularity.

    Credit: sportsworldi.com
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