111024 SNSD’s Yoona was encouraged by IU’s “Someday”

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    111024 SNSD’s Yoona was encouraged by IU’s “Someday”

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-10-25, 01:32

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    The ladies of SNSD who have just made their comeback with their third album ‘The Boys‘ recently guest-featured on SBS Power FM‘s Jung Sun Hee‘s ‘A Night like Tonight‘, where they shared their struggles and the songs that helped them get through the hard times.

    Member Yoona admitted that when they first went to Japan, she was exhausted and overwhelmed with the idea that she needed to grow and develop as an artist. And when she began getting lost in her depressed thoughts, she turned on her MP3 player and the first song that played was IU‘s “Someday“.

    The song, she said, was so fitting to her situation, and gave her encouragement by offering her a sliver of hope. She empathized with the lyrics “I don’t believe in myself, even though I say it often“, and was encouraged knowing she wasn’t the only one going through a difficult situation.

    Other members also revealed their musical tastes and preferences, such as Taeyeon who went out of her way to find songs that were more depressing than her current situation, making herself feel better in comparison, and Hyoyeon who searched for up-beat, exciting tracks when she was feeling down and beat.

    Source & Image: Newsen
    Credit: Soompi

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