100908 Hyoyeon and YoonA fight over Takuya Kimura


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    100908 Hyoyeon and YoonA fight over Takuya Kimura

    Post by ♥Jessica on 2010-09-08, 07:09

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    On SBS E! TV’s E! News Korea – Star Q10′s recording, SNSD’s YoonA and Hyoyeon expressed their admiration for their ideal man, Kimura Takuya. The reason behind YoonA’s tears for the SMAP’s member will also be revealed in this episode.

    When asked about their ideal men, Hyoyeon revealed that she adores Takuya Kimura. Upon hearing that, YoonA lost her temper, instantly got up from her seat and said, “I have told you many times he is mine!”. Yuri then revealed YoonA’s deep admiration for the Japanese actor/singer by saying, “YoonA once cried because of Takuya Kimura.”

    To find out why YoonA cried for Takuya Kimura, make sure you catch E! News Korea – Star Q10 which will be aired at 8pm on September 8th.

    Credits: sportschosun.com/Newsen.com (photo)
    Taken from: Fanwonder

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