110921 SNSD fought over Sung Shi Kyung?


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    110921 SNSD fought over Sung Shi Kyung?

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-09-21, 09:47

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    On September 20th, SBS ‘Strong Heart’ featured singer Sung Shi Kyung who confessed that after discharging from the military, girl idols are like celebrities to him rather than juniors.

    The singer shared a funny incident when SNSD members visited his radio show, FM4U. He told, “The girls were guests on my radio show and were arguing intensely with each other … They even played rock-paper-scissors to decide which of my songs should be played.”

    He continued, “Their rock-paper-scissor battle didn’t end with one round. I was so thrilled and happy that they were fighting over me!” “I was even at the brink of telling everyone that SNSD was in love with me.”

    Sung Shi Kyung cracked everyone up again when he told, “I was even greeted by 2NE1 with a bow, but I merely responded with, ‘Oh… hi,’ because I feared that I would get too excited if I got close.”

    Source + Photos: Naver

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