110920 Super Dome thanks SONEs for SNSD’s successful 2nd tour in Taiwan

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    110920 Super Dome thanks SONEs for SNSD’s successful 2nd tour in Taiwan

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-09-20, 16:38

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    (Any official pictures for 2nd tour?)

    Super Dome staff: Of course there will be photo sharing, we’ve already sent SM the photos, after some verification, we can post it for everyone!

    (Do you remember what happened to YoonA when they reached the airport?)

    Super Dome staff: I do remember, of course. When YoonA came out from the airplane, staffs realised that she wasn’t feeling well. After confirming with the Korean staffs, she was having a little flu then and her body was aching. She had injections on that day.

    On the second day I asked the Korean staffs if she needed to go to the hospital, the staffs told me that she has fully recovered and we don’t have to worry!

    Staff’s account:

    Sone’s greatness… is growing continuously….

    From the 1st tour to the 2nd, it’s not difficult to realise SNSD and SONE’s changes,

    Seeing that the girls are becoming more mature, confident and enjoying their own stage performances, how about SONEs?

    Just within 11 months, they were twice as fast when entering the stadium (it was surprising)!

    I also discovered that female fans population grew after the 1st tour and there were also a lot of couples, spouses who came together!

    SONEs at the first tour were enthusiastic and lively, yet SONEs at the second tour were better at organisation and unity. Besides just being enthusiastic, they became greater.

    I was really touched at the scenes, feeling that 30,000 people are supporting them and being together with them, I enjoyed the performance too!

    Some reporters who saw the performances of the SONEs and asked me, “How did they improve so much from last year? Exactly how much time did they spend preparing for the events?”

    I replied him in pride, “Less than a week! Together with the generation of ideas and organisation, they took 2 months!”

    Upon hearing my reply, the reporter was stunned and he made a conclusion, “You should take out some money and set up a company for them, there’s nothing they can’t do!”


    I was happy and at the same time so proud that it seemed like my children getting 1st in their classes…!

    I really have to thank the ‘Event committee’ who were involved in the planning and running of the events successfully this time.

    I remember the 3 days we collaborated; we formed words, shouted fan chants, sang together and threw the pink ribbons together.

    I remember the moment before the pink ribbon event, I saw an 80-year-old grandma at the yellow 2C area, who stood up, prepared, and throw the ribbons together with us..!

    At that moment, I was 101% touched, to think that they could make an 80-year-old lady go “Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby baby baby”, they could make her return to her ‘Sonyeo’ times with SNSD – How amazing was their power?

    Another point worth praising was the cleanliness of the stages.

    Nearly no one threw towels or presents towards the stage, so I hope that we can achieve an absolute clean stage during the third tour!

    However, I think that there is room for improvement during the third tour.

    “Pink Ocean, is that really so difficult?”

    This time, there were still a lot of purple, bluish light sticks in the pink ocean and some even brought lightboards, another with a super long light stick and others with horns of blue and pink lights.

    Also, some forgot to turn off their lights after the word formation event…!

    The Pink Ocean represents fans’ determination, also a form of respect for the girls.

    What I don’t understand is that, since you can do it so well for ticketing and event practices, you should be able to ensure that your light stick is pink!

    Lastly, I have to say thanks to all the fan clubs, because of your hard work, blood, sweat and tears, SONEs can have such a beautiful memory.

    Even SNSD were so touched that they said, “This is the greatest treasure we got these years!”

    Making them say this, I believe that our hard work and sacrifice of our sleeping hours were paid off,

    Thank you very much!

    I look forward to greater SONEs and Pink Ocean during the 3rd tour!

    Super Dome staff 2011.09.20

    Credit: Super Dome
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    Photo credit: Jessicachina.net

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