110920 SNSD captured the hearts of Japanese comedians


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    110920 SNSD captured the hearts of Japanese comedians

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-09-20, 15:56

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    SNSD are also enjoying huge popularity among Japanese comedians.

    On September 20th, Japanese media, News Post Seven published an article entitled, “SNDS’s Fan, Comedian Nainai Okamura, ‘I Met Them In My Dream’”. According to this article, there has been a rapid increase among comedians who are turning into SNSD’s hardcore fans.

    These comedians who went to SNSD’s concerts held in Japan cheered for the girls with fanlights in both hands. A representative of a Japanese broadcasting said, “Almost all comedians, from newcomers to those in the medium-class like to be known as SNSD’s fans. Comedian Nainai Okamura had even talked about his ‘I Met Them In My Dream’ on radio while Goto praised the girls for their dances”.

    In addition to that, a broadcast writer said, “Imada who went to watch the same concert for 3 times, preferred to watch from the ordinary seats, just like other hardcore fans”, supporting the fact about Japanese comedians’ love towards SNSD.

    It is once again proven that SNSD are the real Hallyu stars, who are not only successful in capturing the hearts of the Japanese public but also the entertainers as well.

    Credit: newsen.com

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