110920 Business tycoon looks like SNSD’s Taeyeon?


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    110920 Business tycoon looks like SNSD’s Taeyeon?

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-09-20, 09:57

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    On September 30th, tvN ‘Love Switch‘, a Korean couple-matching show featured millionaire Lee Soo Jin (29) who is currently running an apparel business. Soo Jin appeared on the show as a young bachelorette while thirty male singles also participated on the show to win her heart.

    It was reported that the male guests were unable to close their jaws as they admired Soo Jin’s tall (171cm) and slim body figure, which earned her the title, ‘momjjang‘ (“gorgeous body figure”). What stunned everyone on the set was her facial similiarity to SNSD‘s Taeyeon. Her big round eyes and cute facial features melted the hearts of many male spectators on the set.

    Beyond her appealing looks, it was also revealed that her apparel business brings in a whopping 1 billion won ($1 million USD) annually. The audience was astounded by her perfection and perceived her to be a flawless woman.

    The beautiful CEO finally found her lover through the show as she ultimately chose a man who was older than her. The two were blessed by the audience as the last couple of the show for season 1.

    In related news, ‘Love Switch’ is a program which usually stars 30 female singles who attempt to win the heart of one bachelor who has it all: talent, wealth, and looks. For the last episode, producers decided to reverse the procedures to make it more interesting.

    Source + Photos: Naver (1) (2)

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