110918 Girls’ Genies Answers Fan Mail

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    110918 Girls’ Genies Answers Fan Mail

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-09-18, 03:50

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    Girls’ Generation members answered fan mail on the Japan Mobile Fansite recently. Check out what the girls had to say below.


    Q: Yuri, when you are down and have no energy, what do you do?
    A: I wear cute training wear and exercise! I’m contemplating if there is something interesting lately. Music! Composing songs!? I’m trying to find something new. Does anyone know something interesting?!

    Q: What is your happiest moment?
    A: When I discover something new! When I go on a trip.

    Q: Isn’t it hard to dance in heels?
    A: It’s tremendously difficult. But I don’t mind. (laughs)

    Q: Explain us how to apply make-up in order to look cute with natural make-up like
    A: I apply make-up to make my own charming point stand out. I think the most important is base make-up. Something that matches my skin tone.

    Q: During an encore call what do you prefer, ‘encore’ or ‘SNSD’?
    A: Both (laughs).


    Q: When returning home what is the first thing you do?
    A: Even if it’s for 5 minutes I will lay on my bed or on the sofa!!

    Q: Jessica who sleeps well, lately do you have enough sleep?
    A: Lately…I don’t sleep so much (T_T)

    Q: Please explain about the eye make-up you always apply.
    A: Because everyone’s eye shape differs, even if you have the same make-up I think it will look different. I pay attention to mascara on the bottom eyelashes.


    Q: I think you have eaten a lot of Japanese food, but what is the most delicious food?
    A: Everything is delicious, but lately I like yakisoba~

    Q: What type of girls are cute?
    A: A girl who is charming when she laughs.

    Q: What are the words from a fan that makes you happiest?
    A: When I heard the word ‘Yappari’ (as expected) I liked it. As expected of SNSD, as expected of Yoona…etc. It gives off a feeling that you are appreciated. (laughs)

    Q: On the opposite what do you want to ask the fans?
    A: What is your reason for liking SNSD?


    Q: You finished the tour and ate food from various places, but what was the most delicious?
    A: I remember hitsumabushi and Osaka okonomiyaki. (laughs)

    Q: What is your favorite season? Explain why.
    A: I like winter. I actually dislike the cold, but what I like about winter are the really cute winter clothes.

    Q: When someone of the members cry, what do you say?
    A: I say ‘what happened?’.

    Q: What is your favorite food among Korean food?
    A: I like all Korean food. Bibimbab, kimchi jjigae, miso jjigae, tteokbokki.

    Q: With what color would you compare yourself?
    A: With…purple (laughs)


    Q: Taeyeon’s singing voice is really lovely, but in order to sing at your best do you have something that you are careful about?
    A: I stretch ^^ If I warm up my muscles properly then my voice comes out firmly. (laughs)

    Q: Did you already want to be a singer from when you were little?
    A: When I was a kid I liked music, but my dream wasn’t to become a singer. ^^; I had a lot of dreams when I was little. (laughs)

    Q: What do you remember the most from your Japan 1st Tour?
    A: The time when Sooyoung fell from the stage! The stage was high so I was worried, but if she really fell off….
    The cannon in ‘Born to be a lady’ is really pretty!

    Q: Do you have food you like and don’t like? What do you pay attention to when you eat?
    A: Lately!! My favorite food is…carbonara (cream spaghetti).
    The food I don’t like are..walnuts, curry and spicy food. What I should be careful for when I eat is putting too much sauce!

    Q: If you wouldn’t have been in SNSD, what would you be doing?
    A: uuhm..announcer?


    Q: I really like Tiffany’s smile! Tell us your secret on how to maintain that cute smile all the time!
    A: With positive thoughts….or by eating delicious food!!!

    Q: It fits you well that you like pink! What is your favorite pink item?
    A: I can’t choose (laughs). Because everything I own is pink ^^;

    Q: Every year, when you think about your birthday, is there something you want to do?
    A: To blow out candles with the members?
    My birthday only differs a couple of days with our debut anniversary…so I have a feeling like the members are never there.

    Q: In what language do you think about things, English or Korean?
    A: In English. (laughs)

    Q: What has remained in your memory the most from the Japan Tour?
    A: On the last day, during the last greeting when Sooyoung fell from the stage.


    Q: What is your favorite Japanese food?
    A: Ramen.

    Q: I’m not good at the “Genie” dance… please tell us the secret of how to dance it well.
    A: In any case practice!!

    Q: What is the best point of SNSD?
    A: We’re always together with 8 friends and that becomes our strength whenever, wherever. It’s reassuring.

    Q: What do you do every day without fail?
    A: Write in my diary and play games (laughs)

    Q: If you got one week off, what would you want to do?
    A: Travel


    Q: What is the energy source of the always bright and cute Sunny?
    A: The love from all the fans~?? ^^ haha! I always try to think about good things. When I don’t feel well I listen to a nice song! Music can always make me feel happy, because it can give you new thoughts.

    Q: Among the members who is the most childlike?
    A: Hyoyeon!! I think she is a tomboy. ^^ She is a very cute and funny member.

    Q: You always said ‘hoooooonto ni’ during the concert, did somebody teach you this?
    A: No, it’s Sunny style. >▽<

    Q: Which manga are you into lately?
    A: My favorite mangas are ‘One Piece’, ‘Slam Dunk’ and ‘Glass mask’. Lately I don’t really read mangas….Ah! I also like ‘Shinya Shokudō. (*^_^*)It’s a manga that makes me gain weight. (T_T)

    Q: What do you do on the plane?
    A: The same as the other members, sleep, eat flight meals, play games or read books.


    Q: What has happened recently that made you think, “Ah, I’ve matured.”
    A: I’m still not mature yet, but I feel…like I have grown when the way I think of things has expanded compared to last year.

    Q: You are now 20 years old, what sort of new things do you want to challenge yourself with?
    A: Since I want to experience a lot of new things, I also want to try being in a musical and acting.

    Q: What has been the most suprising birthday surprise so far?
    A: On the day of the 2011.6.28 Tokyo Yoyogi live, the surprise birthday put on by the 8 unnies and fans who covered the concert in pink! I was really touched!

    Q: What is the favorite thing you bought in Japan?
    A: Make-up tools, being able to apply make-up by myself is very useful and I use it a lot.

    Q: What is your feeling after finishing the Japan Tour?
    A: While doing 14 performances and enjoying the stages, we didn’t only become one with the audience, we learned a lot that nobody will understand if they don’t experience it directly.

    While touring around I feel like I was able to grow a lot. I’m happy that I also got a bit better in Japanese. But I’m still not that good yet…From now on I will put more and more effort in showing everyone an amazing performance.

    Source: Girls’ Generation Japan Mobile Site
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