110914 Taiwan concert organiser Super Dome praises SNSD!

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    110914 Taiwan concert organiser Super Dome praises SNSD!

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-09-14, 15:28

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    SNSD had just successfully concluded their three concerts in Taipei, Taiwan at the Taipei Arena from September 9th to 11th, as part of their 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour.

    A representative from the concerts organizer, Super Dome, left a message on their website on the morning of September 14th, praising the girls for their professionalism and excellent performances.

    The translation of the message is as follows:

    Let’s Go Soshi, Let’s Go! (claps twice)

    It has been an epic three days.
    Truth be told, I saw more of SONEs than Soshi in these three days!

    Let’s talk about the girls first.
    In this second tour, it is quite obvious that the eight girls are enjoying their performances in Taiwan more compared to last year. The staff also felt their happiness from the moment they landed in Taiwan as they were singing happily in the vehicles and no one had the chance to sleep! It was really merry!

    The girls had their concert rehearsal on September 8th and they rehearsed from 6.30pm to 10.50pm later that night. Everyone was rehearsing seriously, especially for their solo performances.
    (Too bad Sooyoung couldn’t be there to perform her beautiful and sexy ballroom dance!)
    Compared to the rehearsal of the first tour last year, each and everyone of the girls were more certain of their positions during performances, as well as their interactions.

    I can still remember their rehearsal during the first tour last year. It was half a year since their previous concert in their tour so the members’ positions were off during rehearsal and they kept bumping into one another (laughs). Their improvements over a year is really amazing!

    9/9, 9/10, 9/11
    Throughout the three days of concert, I was quite worried about the girls’ staminas, just in case anyone gets too fatigued from the performances…
    However, miraculously, the girls performed more and more passionately over the three days! SONEs’ loving support and cheers were the best battery for the girls!

    In this second tour, the girls were not only performing on stage but they were also having lots fun! They interacted and played with each other and with SONEs too! It should be every fan’s dream to see their favourite artistes perform on stage, as well as enjoy and have fun while doing so!

    The girls’ Chinese (Mandarin) improved a lot during this second tour and this certainly showed their sincerity. Looking at every girl and their Chinese speeches during the concert, I think their Chinese skills probably improved ten times compared to the first tour!

    I must specially mention Hyoyeon’s Chinese. She wrote “I love you all!” in Chinese on the “Soshi fridge” along with her signature and her handwriting was very pretty! Hyoyeon was really cute and confident during her performances in Taipei. On the last day of the concert, the girls were busy putting icing from the birthday cake on her face but she still managed to smile blissfully and ate the cake and icing on her face. This goes to show how much she appreciated the birthday surprise SONEs prepared for her.

    In this second tour, I think every girl did very well and scored extra points. Everyone looked like dolls who came out from their MVs but they were far cuter and friendlier in real life. (It’s not fair! and yet we’re all females…)

    I’ll just write about the girls today. Will write about SONEs soon. I am flying to Nanjing for Jolin Tsai’s concert today… Because of Soshi, I didn’t dare to leave Taiwan for quite some time…

    There will be a third tour, so please don’t worry about it! Also, people asked if Super Dome recorded footages from the concert. The answer? Yes we did film some, to supply to the media. However, the footages are only for media’s usage and we definitely do not have the rights to produce a DVD. We do not have the confidence to produce one as well but we will try to discuss it with the Korean side.

    Super Dome representative, Hou Wen-yen 14th Sept. 2011

    Credit: Superdome.com.tw
    Photo: Jessicachina.net
    Source: fanwonder.com

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