110901 Fan account of someone who saw Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sunny in the hospital on 30th of August

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    110901 Fan account of someone who saw Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sunny in the hospital on 30th of August

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-09-02, 05:18

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    Totally a daebak and lucky day kekekekekekeke
    I saw SNSD members Tiffany Taeyeon and Sunny in front of my nose ♥️
    I went to this certain general hospital in Seoul on the 30th of August because I had things on.
    (and saw them) In front of the elevator!!!!!! hololololololololololo
    But I don't have photos and autography - -............
    (And I also saw Kim Ah Joong after that!)

    When I first went to the elevator, I thought that extremely beautiful woman who wore eye make-up and fake eye lashes looked like Tiffany. In front, there was a woman who looked like Taeyeon, even for her hairstyle. Oh, (then I realised that) they're really Tiffany and Taeyeon right?
    Oh and beside them, there was Sunny who wore a cap..................................... kekekekekeke

    It was really SNSD, and a man in his 20s-30s who looked like their manager was carrying a few pizzas. As soon as I recognised them, I realised that Sooyoung was in this hospital. I only thought of this within 1-2 seconds............ Because I never thought that I could meet such top idols by chance, it took me some time to realise that -_-

    What are you here for, SNSD
    Because it was so sudden and out of imagination when I saw them, while I was feeling amazed, I was so embarrassed that I controlled myself from laughing and giggled behind....................... I don't know if they were aware of the fact that I recognised them, but Taeyeon just stole a glance at me. We made eye contact!!!!

    Artistes are indeed artistes..... But because people around were all ahjuma and ajusshis, they did not recognise soshi. Even inside the elevator where some other people were together with the 3 members and manager, either they did not recognise them, or they pretended that they didn't........ Normally, I can express myself properly in front of artistes that I like, yet standing beside these pretty girls, I was trembling so hard that I could not even say a word, it was such a pity. I wanted to take pictures secretly, but I was afraid that they would be angry, so I did nothing T.T

    Taeyeon has really fair skin, with small face, she was cute and was like a little kid. She looked a little cool keke. Sunny was wearing a cap so I didn't see her clearly, but her face was just small (keke); Because Tiffany was the only one who wore eye make-up, it left me with the impression that she was the prettiest. But her skin wasn't as perfect, there seemed to have some freckles and spots? Even so, she was really beautiful. And my skin is worse T T kekeke And who says Tiffany's face is big??? Although it was not extreme~ly small, it can be considered small enough! Or at least the average size. Moreover Taeng and Sunny all had small faces...

    My heel was 7-8cm, so I was about the same height as Tiffany who is 163cm. I confirmed that my height is 156 kekekeke Then Taeng and Sunny could not be anything above 160 heeheeheehee the Danshin duet is my hope. But Sunny’s legs were really thin T T Although Sunny is the shortest in soshi, her body figure is the best, but as she wore an elegant grey T-shirt, I could not appreciate it kekekekekekeke And Tiffany wore red top and blue jeans, her legs were daedaedaedaedae~~bak long........................... Soshi members also looked into the mirror and looked at their skin conditions and doing this and that kekekeke They do the same as me. They say that they want to eat the pizza, and pizza's smell was nice, seems that they did not neglect proper diets because of their body shape management kekekekekekeke

    Credit: Bestiz
    Translation: @imwhywhy

    *This fan account is not the complete version, only important parts were taken out

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