110811 SNSD'S Yuri & Seohyun have superior genes!


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    110811 SNSD'S Yuri & Seohyun have superior genes!

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-08-11, 12:46

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    SNSD’s Yuri has the most superior gene among female celebrities.

    A survey conducted by Face line plastic surgery in Apgujeong found SNSD’s Yuri took first place for who has the most superior genes that make their face look cute.

    A plastic surgeon said, “46 percent of the 421 university students said SNSD’s Yuri has clean-cut features.”

    “SNSD’s Yuri was followed by actress Kim Sa Rang (105명, 24.9%) and SNSD’s Seohyun (102명, 24.2%). Male university students liked cute girls and their petite faces, including, Yuri, Kim Sa Rang and Seohyun. Female students said they want to have soft image and clean-cut features like Yuri,” she added.

    The surgeon said, “People who looks cute and has kind image are popular these days. Because people more like to give favorable impressions to the others. The female and male respondents said they want to have cute and kind look to find a job.”

    “I found out that people like sharp and soft chin line and clean-cut features through the survey. Also that Yuri, Kim Sa Rang, and Seohyun are very popular.”

    Source: Newsen from Nate

    Credit : Korea.com

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