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    110809 Yoona LAX Fanaccount

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-08-09, 18:11

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    110808 Yoona LAX Fanaccount

    So I had arranged to go to the airport at around 10am-ish with some friends. I parked my car near the In-n-out near LAX and my friend picked me up from there and we parked at the airport and made our way to the international terminal at around 10am. After checking that Yoona's flight was on time (10:30), we made our way over to the arrival gate and met up with some of the crazy norcal kids who drove/flew down to LAX last night and today to see yoong.

    Then there was waiting. Lots of it. LOL. we knew that she wouldn't be able to get out of the gate until after clearing immigration and customs but we grabbed a space at the railing super early on and just waited. We noticed some other fans possibly waiting for either minho or yoona and continued to look at people's luggage tags to check which flights they were coming from. At around 10:30 we noticed that the flight had already landed at 10:26 so we started getting excited.

    At first we were all clumped up in one blob near one of the two exit gates but as we saw pretty much everyone choose to go through the other exit gate, half of our group split off and started waiting over there. I stayed at the original railing area since I had pretty good positioning to the gate opening already.

    By 11:30 we were getting pretty restless since there was no sign of the passengers from yoona's flight yet. So as we continued waiting we met one of lee minho's "dedicated" fans, a girl who had been waiting since before we even got there and had a gift and everything. Shortly after, people started bolting outside toward the street and we heard that lee minho had appeared and was getting into his van. some of our group went over to see him but me and a couple others stayed at the railing. Eventually I walked over to see what was happening since we didn't see him exit the main gate and just appeared out of nowhere so we weren't sure if yoona would take a secret route as well.

    After wandering around a bit outside our group split up again with some of us going over to a side gate and I had instructions from pallie to call her if i spotted anything. i went back to my original spot at the railing where only 3 of us stubbornly waited still. By 11:45 or so we were sort of giving up since it was getting to be so long and we were worried that she had already left secretly so we started turning off our cameras and getting ready to go....WHEN SUDDENLY A GORGEOUS GIRL STARTS WALKING TOWARDS ME.

    it took me couple seconds to register that it was yoona since we had pretty much given up by then and so by the time she got within 3-4 feet i realized it was her and then i froze and forgot what i was supposed to do. at that point there was literally 3 of us there who noticed her, and there was complete silence as we were all dumbfounded by her arrival. my friend took out his phone again for fancam and my feet moved on their own and i kept pace with her as she moved out of the terminal with her manager(s?) (one pushed her luggage cart and one kept a look out for fans) i grabbed my phone as we were moving and called pallie and barely got out "go. outside. now!" i remember repeating myself then hanging up and continuing to follow yoona toward the street. a crowd started to gather and cameras were everywhere by the time she got halfway to the street. one of the managers pushing the luggage cart tried to manuever around fans and some of the luggage fell off of the cart but my friend michael helped him stack it back on (GOOD JOB!).

    By the time our crowd got to the street there were maybe ~30 people following and fancamming, but her van wasn't at the curb so the manager had her keep walking around in circles and naturally we followed her around LOL. some people tried to ask for a signature on various items but she kept apologizing saying that she couldn't. but a few people had small gifts like a rose (good job brian!) and later on pallie was able to give her the soshified towel from the seoul concert! During the first loop around the curb area, the manager had her walk out onto the street where cars were driving and fans had followed onto the street as well, but since there were cars trying to pass, yoona motioned for them to move closer to the curb as to not get hit (she saved their lives!! lol) and eventually her van showed up and she got in. it wasn't tinted at all so people kept fancamming until they loaded up her stuff while she sat in the back. After a couple minutes they drove off and that ends our 2 hour adventure!

    Credit: Chelupa /Jessica (제시카)@SONEms.net

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