110807 SNSD Jessica Selca Message for 4th Anniversary


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    110807 SNSD Jessica Selca Message for 4th Anniversary

    Post by 밍리양 on 2011-08-07, 07:01

    As the saying goes, "It's better late then never:. But in the case of our beloved SNSD it will never be late nor never. SNSD's Jessica who was in New York for the past few days has finally shared a SelCa message for SONEs in celebration of Girls' Generation 4th Anniversary!

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    "It's our 4th Anniversary already~Time seem to fly by so quickly~
    Thoughts about all the fans that give us love~And all the SONEs are crossing my mind!
    I don't need to say anything to the members^^*
    Thank You and let's spend time together,making lots and lots of good memories!!
    Mmm~I would like it if SNSD's Songs and my voice
    forms a vitamin-like existence to you all~
    Thank You so much and i love you. RFF SoShi ;) Bbyong
    (T/N: Right now,from now on, Forever, it's Girls' Generation
    P.S I am sorry for posting a late message

    Credit: girlsgeneration.smtown

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