110806 Soshi leaves messages for 4th anniversary!


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    110806 Soshi leaves messages for 4th anniversary!

    Post by 밍리양 on 2011-08-06, 14:02

    Today, August 5th, marks the 4th anniversary of SNSD’s debut in 2007 and the girls left sincere and heartfelt messages, as well as gorgeous selcas, for fans in conjunction with the special day on their official website.

    The following is the translated messages written by the girls today, starting from YoonA, who was the first to post earlier today, Seohyun, Tiffany who uploaded a photo of the other girls (minus Jessica) celebrating her birthday with her, Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Yuri.

    From YoonA:
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
    S♥NE~~ It’s already been 4 years since we met!!^^
    Time really flies.
    We’ve been busy with our concert and going to Japan
    But we’re really happy because it seems that you guys are still loving and waiting for us~
    We cried and laughed, and made many memories for the past 4 years.
    Let’s make more happy memories in the future^^
    And don’t forget the moment we first met! hehe
    I feel that everything SNSD accomplished was only made possible because it was done with the fans
    So I’m always thankful and sorry…
    Like what we always do, we’ll be working hard to prepare a greater us to repay you all!!
    Thank you so much for loving and waiting for us all the time♥
    I love you, too~~~^^

    From Seohyun:
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    Hello~ this is SNSD’s maknae Seohyun^^

    Today is the day we SNSD turn 4 years old~!
    In these 4 years.. Those enjoyable moments, happy moments, and difficult moments..
    Because all nine of us have SONEs with us, although it is a long time, when we look back, every day was special filled with precious experiences, and that is how we could go through it all..

    From young, immature girls who didn’t know anything, we have grown up making many of our dreams come true in the 4 years.
    Learnt a lot, and felt a lot.
    Although we still lack many things, you all still support us all the time with one heart. For that, I sincerely feel very thankful..

    It’s only been 4 years!!
    We want to make bigger dreams come true through the strengths received from your love!!
    SONEs! Until SNSD becomes 40 years old..
    I hope we can make memories together.. Forever^^

    With SNSD in your lives, and SONEs in ours,
    We’ve been very happy, and until the day we can reminisce..!
    We will work harder!!
    Right now it’s SNSD♥

    From Tiffany:
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    As a 4th anniversary present, Ppani’s birthday party unseen cut, ta-da! keke
    (Sica was absent..)TT
    Still! Happy 4th to my girls & my SONE^^
    Today is ‘our’ dayyyyyyy~

    From Taeyeon:
    Taeyeon did not post any Selca*

    Hi!!!!!!!!! I’m T a e y e o n!! ‘ㅡ’//
    Everyone! It’s the 4th anniversary since SNSD was born!
    Wow everyone clappp!!!! hikhik -clapclapclapclapclap- jjalajajasahtjat clap! clap!
    Thank you for supporting and giving us strength for the past 4 years. Indeed, fans are the source of energy.
    Recently… We watched all the AAGG DVDs^^
    You all saw it, too, right?
    After watching it all, we can gradually feel that 4 years have really passed!!
    Why are our old videos in there??? Hm???..
    Hehe. ^^
    Those that have supported us since our debut.. And all those who recently started to gain interest in us…
    Every one of you is special to us and we are thankful!
    We always only receive from you.. So always.. Give us a chance to give back^^ okay?
    4th anniversary… I want to spend it meaningfully~
    And I will end this message shortly here..
    Since I’m going to write again for our 5th anniversaryyyy. hehehe
    Congratulations SONE^^^ Congratulations SNSD!!!!!!!!!
    Ah, I’m in a good mood.

    From Sooyoung:
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    SONEs who keeps pressing refresh button thinking that there might be a new post till your 1 spine of your finger becomes 9 spine..
    Did you just look back? hehe… Not that side, up…peek-a-boo!!
    This is cheerful princess SooYoung! ㅋㅋㅋ
    Lol it feels a bit awkward because I haven’t done this in a while..
    How are you all doing? We met a little while ago but I miss you guys already..hehe

    It’s our 4th anniversary!! Hehe time goes by so fast~
    It seems like yesterday when we rode around in the Girls’ Generation bus saying “Right now it’s Girls’ Generation~”..
    but you guys made it to be Girls’ Generation today.. Thank you so much..ㅠㅡㅠㅡㅠ..
    I am so thankful that I’m always thinking if I should to something, and I always end up with one conclusion.
    Me being who I am right now~ That’s what you want the most right?ㅋㅋ
    The best gift that I can give to you!!
    Just to stay healthy like now, be thankful and appreciative but not sorry, just like how I’ve been doing, right?
    If you ask how do I know it so well? Keke because that’s what I want from you guys too~~
    I knew you guys would think that too hehe.. You should always stay healthy! Health is the best thing ..
    Don’t fall off somewhere like me..ㅋㅋㅋ
    Don’t get hurt.. Stay physically and mentally healthy.. So that on the day that we come back,
    You all can kick the roof and high kick and fly in the air powpowpowpowpowshoongboongshoong
    Bring your broomsticks, I ordered my fire bolt a long time ago but it’s not here yet…
    Hehe I love you,

    Thank you

    - From Sooyoung, who thinks that it would be nice if some genius SONEs translate and spread this to overseas SONEs who will also be celebrating the 4th Anniversary from far away.. (blush)

    From Yuri:
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
    Waaaaaahhh It’s the 4th year already^^^^^^!!!!
    What I felt about the speed of time and what our fans feel would be the same right?!
    Our hearts are so close to each other…
    That we know each other even without confirming, right^^?! Yoyoyoyoyo!!
    Fast, isnt it?!!..right?!
    Actually, I thought it was really fast when it was our 1st anniversary… but we had 4 times of that time together.. wooowww we have really grown a lot.
    The memories we shared, or the depth of our thoughts for each other..
    I am really grateful.. to the extent I can’t even describe it in words…!
    You have no idea how happy and thankful it is for me to have people who support me no matter what I do or where I am.

    You know, a little while ago when I was looking at our girls~ members^^!
    I looked through their feet~it made me a bit teary~ㅠ-ㅠ
    When we run around in heels during a three-hour long performance and practicing,
    We end up hurting our feet and sometimes we feel like our bodies are going to crash..
    Then it might bleed and bruise, sometimes even breaks~^^

    But again.. I told myself that it’s just something that we do..
    And I saw our members’ feet that can’t get worse and their calluses~
    When I looked into them they were actually all ruined~
    Even the shape.. The toe nails.. Unlike the beginning when they were all soft and nice..
    But even like this we must show ourselves, and it’s because of the strong sense of responsibility in us, we tried our best to cover up the scars of different colors^^
    And.. After 10 hours of long flight, even when we couldn’t help it but carry our swollen faces and bodies, even when we show our teeth and smile in front of the splash of flashes with our exhausted body, and the little pain I saw when we express our gratitude towards the fans smiling and supporting us…
    Pain.. pain..?! No! It’s cute pain!
    Letting us feel that such trivial inconvenience…and complaints.. As cute pain..
    Fans who allowed it to not be pain itself because it’s cute pain..

    And fans who supported us, even only for once..
    Thank you so much!!
    To these hearts… I would really like to repay them.
    It would take me my lifetime to give all the love back..^^?!
    And because I think it would take at least 14 years for you to enjoy what I’ve given back..
    Stay by our side till then.. Ok?! Thank you and thank you again and again and again!
    Our members, our staffs, please love them all~~~~~
    I’m going to do that too^^!! Yap

    Credit: Girls generation website
    Translations: ch0sshi@twitter, kwongildong@twitter

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