110806 SNSD GQ Japan July 2011 Issue


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    110806 SNSD GQ Japan July 2011 Issue

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    Hyoyeon: Born in1989/ AB blood
    Specializes in dance. In many people's opinion, Hyoyeon's powerful dancing is beyond a girl's level. "I want to learn all kinds of hip hop dances."

    Seohyun: Born in 1991/ A Blood
    The groups youngest member. Also the most avid reader among the members; she's a fan of author Lee Jisung. "It’s fun (to read), because I get a strength/power from a lot of books."

    Tiffany: Born in 1989/ O blood
    Grew up in America. She heard from her American friends that, "My debut story played out like a movie scenario."

    Yuri: Born in 1989/ AB blood
    Yuri has even challenged writing lyrics for a album. "If you put in your feelings and sensitivity into the lyrics, then it is easier to convey your feelings through them instead of when you're singing."

    Sooyoung: Born in 1990 / O blood
    Out of all the members, she specializes in Japanese. "I want to become a person that can always make people feel at ease, whether it's at work, or in private."

    Sunny: Born in 1989/ B blood
    A very good speaker, among the group, she is like the mood-maker in the group. "When I go onto TV programs by myself, I can feel the value of having the others around."

    Taeyeyon: Born in 1989/ O blood
    Even the members acknowledge her singing prowess. Taeyeon analyzed her own strong point to be, "When I listen to someone beside me, I can naturally feel the impression of the song and sing it."

    Jessica: Born in 1989/ B blood
    Grew up in America. Before, she was the main actress for "Legally Blonde". "Positive mind! and also I started to like pink too."

    Yoona: Born in 1990/ B blood
    Yoona is actively participating in a variety of roles such as modeling and acting. "I want to show a lot of different sides of myself to everyone, plus it's really fun to experience so many things~"


    1- If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be??
    2- A moment when you thought it was good to be a part of Girls' Generation??
    3- What do you think the forte of Girls' Generation is, or can be proud of while overseas??*
    4- Among the members of Girls' Generation is there anything that would make you say, "I really respect this part of them." And if so, please tell us what it is.
    5- Is there an artist, song, music, that you're currently into right now??
    6- Is there anything in particular as in artist that you want to develop in??
    7- In the Korean entertainment world, is there anyone that you respect?? Please tell us why.
    8- What is something that made you happy recently?? (Whether it be private or work-related)
    9- Is there anything that you were praised for that made you happy?? (From a guy or girl)
    10- What's your ideal date course??

    1- Cool (laughs).
    2- When I'm up on stage.
    4- Seohyun, and her really positive attitude.
    5- Jessie J's "Do it Like a Dude".
    6- I think we should put a lot of effort into everything. HipHop dance is a bit old school, so I want to try challenging some new styles. Recently I saw some videos on YouTube of Japanese dancers, and I felt motivated (to try it). Though, I don't remember the name of it (laughs).
    8- Being able to finish shopping. Being able to wear the clothing I just bought, and people saying, "That's stylish."
    9- You've got charisma when you were on stage.
    10- Flower viewing during spring (laughs), I like cherry blossoms and tulips.

    1- Positive! Discretion.
    2- When a lot of people who have listened to or seen our music say they've received power from it.
    3- Being able to give power or bringing a smile to foreign people with our 9 cheerful energies. And also being able to speak English, Chinese, and Japanese.
    4- Hyoyeon's gentleness
    5- Hot Potato's "Confession" and Taylor Swift's "Speak Now"
    6- I want to challenge composing music and lyrics.
    8- When my parents said they were proud of what I've done.
    9- "You were brought up well", "Like a pro", and "You're good at managing yourself."
    10- I want to go to a park or river; places where I'm able to sense nature.

    1- Wild.
    2- When we're up on stage, and a lot of people are watching our performance.
    3- Teamwork. Stage performances.
    4- Taeyeon, because she's good at feeling the rhythm, so she looks cool when dancing.
    5- Katy Perry, P!nk.
    7- Lee Hyori. When she was an idol, and even now, her enthusiasm when on stage; always trying her utmost hardest; always having a lot of fun; that side of her is very cool.
    8- When filming for the PV "Mr.Taxi" was finished. (laughs)
    9- I'm happy when people who have watched us on stage say things like, "cool," or "talented."
    10- From the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to sleep, I want to have a date where I just can't get them off my mind.

    1- Energetic.
    2- All the time. I'm always thankful for being given the time to learn, share the music we like, and being able to understand each others thoughts and feelings.
    3- Teamwork.
    4- Tiffany. For the things she has an interest in, she'll always work very diligently and passionately on what she is learning.
    5- P!nk's cool performances.
    6- Lately, after watching other foreign artists' concert videos, I was really motivated to try harder. Being able to have your own personal music color was something amazing. And I wanted to become an artist like that, so I'm studying my own abilities as well.
    8- When my manager told me that he felt motivated to do more after seeing me passionately giving my best.
    10- A stroll.

    1- Lively positive. But, my presence is a bit small (laughs).
    2- All the time. Things that are impossible by myself, become possible when I'm with everyone.
    3- The members individual charms and the energy that we bring forth while on stage.
    4- Seohyun. Even though she's the youngest member, she's very thorough about managing herself properly.
    5- P!nk's "Dear My President" and "Perfect". Bruno Mars and James Morrison.
    6- I want to make something where I can say, "I've got confidence in that one thing!"
    8- When the dog we (family) are raising got better from his sickness. I was really happy.
    9- I'm happy when people tell me I make their feelings feel at ease.
    10- Have a meal, drink some coffee, and talk a lot, kind of course?

    1- Optimistic.
    2- When we're up on stage. Also, all the members have good relationships, so even if we go overseas, there is never a dull moment.
    3- Teamwork.
    4- Tiffany. Because she is very good at getting along with the people around her.
    5- Tamia's "Officially Missing You".
    6- Everything still isn't quite there yet, so I think that I will have to keep trying best from here on out.
    7- Wheesung (A Korean R&B singer). Because he was my vocal teacher since before my debut, I've always respected him, but a side that is really cool is how he always puts all his effort into studying.
    8- When my two year old niece saw me and started smiling. It really made me happy, and it was fun.
    9- "You're steadily getting better and better." "You're more beautiful then you were before."
    10- Amusement park.

    1- Cosmos.(TL-note: Taeyeon probably means she's broad-minded, or just very dorky)
    2- When I wake up in the morning and wash my face.
    3- If its Girls' Generation, then we can express many different concepts in many colors. ^ ^
    4- Yuri. I think her limitless will-power is amazing.
    5- Recently, I've been into Frankie J's "Don't Wanna Try".
    6- I want to study even more music. I want to become the kind of singer that can handle any kind of song. ^ ^
    8- I'm not sure why, but it makes me really happy when I can sit in my room and watch DVD movies by myself.
    9- From guys, "I like your song," or "Your voice is unrivaled." If it's from girls then, "Your skin is beautiful." When they say things like that, it makes me happy.
    10- I want to go to an amusement park.

    1- Cool (laughs).
    2- That I've made comrades; friends that I can live my life with.
    3- We're a diverse 9-colored rainbow. When we're together, we shine even brighter; teamwork and energy that is characteristic of Girls' Generation.
    4- All the member's fortitude.
    5- Corinne Bailey Rae's "Paris Nights/ New York Morning" and "My Love".
    7- Senior BoA. She always gave us a lot of advice, and her always hard working side is really cool.
    8- When I got to spend my own birthday party with the people important to me.
    9- When people tell me things like, "You have a pretty voice."
    10- Amusement park, ice skating, and shopping.

    1- Bright.
    2- When I'm doing individual work and I feel lonely (laughs). I think it's a good thing when we can do things together, because the members give each other strength.
    4- Seohyun. She's always studying, and even though she is younger, I think this is really admirable. (laughs)
    5- Boyz II Men's "End of the Road", Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are" (←a really good song!).
    6- To improve on the inside. I think it's necessary to continually upgrade your own strengths.
    8- When I got my driver's license. (laughs)
    9- Just before they praise me, when they say a simple phrase like, "as expected!", it feels like they really trusted me, and that makes me happy.
    10- Driving through beautiful places around town.

    Girls' Generation
    You don't know the real "Girls' Generation".

    As usual, the energy of K-POP is still continuing in full force. But, what we want to confirm, is whether or not Girls' Generation are no longer the representatives of K-Pop.
    With global standard looks, and real skills in singing and dancing.
    The world is being filled with the overflowing talent from these 9 entertainers; with one hot look.
    Right now, they are becoming an existence that not only represents Korea, but also all of Asia, these girls are participating in their first photoshoot & interview with GQ men's magazine.
    With a testimony from the group themselves and through the worldly situations that surrounds them, we have a closer look at the true form of Girls' Generation.

    "Girls' Generation" is the global standard for popstar.

    To discuss Girls' Generation as if they only have "beautiful legs"; its about time that stops. "Idol's with beautiful legs right?" Out of the entire world, only in Japan do these kind of words circulate around; in reality, we want to look at more important things. In comparison to the world, Asia has always payed more attention to the status of "popstars", which Girls' Generation is trying to solidify. The girls' managing company, "SM Entertainment", supervised the all-star concert dubbed, "SM Town Live", the first European concert held, which sold all of its tickets in 10minutes. Even on the other side of the globe, they also have fan clubs, like in Brazil. The globalization of K-POP as well has gone as far as having special programs with England's BBC and France's #2 TV. With that kind of a symbolic existence, Girls' Generation constantly occupy the queen's seat. The girls are the very embodiment of the symbol of K-POP's popness and glamour.

    And also the worth of their merchandise; in the past couple years, the girls value have soared through the roof. For LG's cellphone commercial they announced an original song and PV (Chocolate Love), not to mention Samsung's 3D TV promotion working together with James Cameron*. After that, they participated as models for Intel's Asia campaign, which produced another original PV ("Visual Dreams", stylish!); additionally, with those beautiful
    charms and the appeal of their characters that are filled with immense confidence.

    What should be payed attention to, is that their value will never be considered something that came out of left field. When talking about K-POP, there are constant discussion about the time spent training (ranging from 5-8years), which from the beginning leads to aiming at world wide activity; which is why within the group, the members Tiffany and Jessica are so important; they'll become a valuable cornerstone since they were originally from America. The staff members appointed to support the girls behind the scenes are also top class lyricists, arrangers, and choreographers, laying out the production organization to aim towards the global standard. After all what is important is to have that base, and being able to agree on the strategy for such a famous global enterprise. All that is in preparation for a universally valued never seen before form of "popstar".

    Meeting Girls' Generation in reality, they aren't conceited, but rather charming and sociable girls. One could say that kind of open-mindedness has an adorable charm to it. And though everyone gets along, no one member resembles another. The strength of Girls' Generation, is that they're all around players that are able to go in and out and fill any position required; but even so, they all have points that they don't lose out on. While all members can both sing and dance at a high level, there are some members that excel in dancing, and others that specialize in singing, not to mention some of the girls have already expanded into things like, CM, variety and dramas; all 9 of the girls have something they shine at. Actually, the girls don't have any kind of fixed position like "leader" or "center". The teams organization always changes in a democratic way. In soccer terms, its total football.

    In 2010, with that snappy set of uniforms that they sang and danced in during "Genie" and "Gee", in regards to that appearance they showed us, if you were to talk about it, it was presenting nothing more than one side of Girls' Generation that they were an well rounded group.

    In order to know about the true value of each of the members, you have to see how they are with male artists on music shows', the figure of their pretty steps during introductions or their ability to sing famous foreign songs in English or how they naturally show the playful side on talk shows; even searching for it on YouTube is good too.

    We asked Jessica, "What is your strength that would not lose to any other groups in the world??" and this is how she replied.

    "We're diverse like a 9 coloured rainbow. And when we're together we shine even brighter with our energy and teamwork, a trait special to Girls' Generation."

    It's just as Jessica said, fans from around the world can see that within the girls lie the exciting diversity and heart-warming democratic nature.

    And that's not all. Their hard work is also one of the girls' weapon. When they were teenagers training for more than 10 hours a day and overcoming that harsh training in itself, is the true value of the success story in becoming a part of what makes up Girls' Generation personality. And that "personality" imposes more hard work that they bring upon themselves. Talking about the new single "Mr.Taxi" Taeyeon said, "Though the dance was hard, but because we've danced to a lot of different types of dances, no one said it was especially difficult." Sooyoung was asked, "What song is most like Girls' Generation??" and she answered, "The most fun was "Run Devil Run", where you could see that it was more than just cool, but also artistic." The thing the girls are proud of as a "star", is that they aren't just "cute", at least, they themselves could never allow such a thing. A French K-POP fansite "Korean Connection" managed by Maxime Paquet said this, "The girls are hard workers. Europe's stars are not necessarily like that. The Korean artists resemble athletes."

    Constantly paying attention to their health, without missing their daily training, moreover listening to people like Corinne Bailey Rae or Bruno Mars, and challenging new steps they saw on videos. The girls who devote themselves day and night to studying hard, to find out where their own worth is, where their fans desires lay, one could say they are what is truly cool.

    What is the reason the world is attracted to these 9 girls?

    Their production company ‘SM Entertainment’, who cleverly utilizes Youtube as a worldwide platform, steadily started to highlight the girls overseas. With the result of constantly ‘sharing’ their appearance all over the world, they continued to evolve as a group and their fanbase became global. When releasing the Japanese version of the PV you can even think to an extent that the impatiently awaiting fans are rather more the overseas ones than the Japanese ones. With those global communications, Girls’ Generation continuously refines their charms and the expectation towards their next move becomes furthermore amplified.

    It’s said that the junior Kpop and Bollywood succeeded the most in integrating Youtube as their business model. The worldwide demand for the western music, which of course has been distributed globally from the very beginning, so Youtube in that case is not enough as an amplification device. However Kpop is a different case. With almost no promotion or distribution, supporters of Girls’ Generation in Europe and South-America discovered the girls, picked them out by themselves, and their charms has been widely talked about and became amplified. Lucas, the administrator of a Brazilian Girls’ Generation fansite states the following.

    ‘When I was looking for a new wallpaper, I discovered 9 beautiful girls and while looking up who they are I became intrigued by them. Two years ago it was hard to find a Brazilian Girls’ Generation fan, but now thanks to the internet, the number of fans is rapidly increasing. My site gets accessed around 3000-4000 times a day.’

    Or the above mentioned Maxime Paquet.

    ‘I think quite a few French listeners are becoming bored with western pop songs. Kpop is close to American music, but it has an exotic charm that American music doesn’t have, moreover as ‘Total entertainment’ it’s quality is high. Everyone can sing well and dance well. And, after spending efforts for this and being able to perfectly convey it; that may be something new to French people. Now, since it’s normal, the amount of people listening to Kpop is increasing and moreover in France alone I think there are around 100,000 fans.’

    The kitchy and strange ‘orientalism’ love from Asia doesn’t seem like that any longer. After comparing with western popstars, they ‘daringly’ choose Far Eastern popstars. And also in Japan the same thing is happening most likely. I heard that teenagers have the most honest reaction towards Girls’ Generation. Their honest and therefore harsh critical eye, by comparing with Japanese idols they realize about who dances or sings well without anybody telling them. And they will accept the girls’ existence, including the fruit of their unceasing efforts. Bypassing the careless adults who only think about legs, the Japanese teenagers resonated the ‘world’ together a long time ago. K-pop, which was formerly called ‘Western Music,’ is now changing.

    About the new ‘global stars’ being cute Asians, it’s hard to talk about their enthusiasm. Maybe it’s the result of bringing about a clever business strategy or on the contrary it’s maybe the result of the world longing for something Asian. Considering this, we can’t answer as to why it has to be these 9 girls. What we can say is that if the 21st century is really the Asian era, then the success of Girls’ Generation is maybe the sign that announces the beginning.

    Girls’ Generation Discography

    (2009 Korean Version)
    Dominating the Korean weekly charts, they recorded a big hit that gave Girls's Generation the push it needed to the area of top stars. E-tribe had a hand in making the song, and they are "hit makers" among Korean composers. This song was also a hit in Japan.

    Tell Me Your Wish, GENIE
    (2009 Korean Version)
    The title song that was the beginning of the entire "beautiful legs" that became popular even in Japan, a one sided cool song that left behind the usual "idol" innocence. The start of making great strides toward an "emerging" pop icon.

    (2010 Korean Version)
    This title song was also very popular from the beginning while dressing up in cheerleader outfits, completely opening up the pop icon known as Girls' Generation and their multi-faceted appeal. A set of first class Korean music circle of composers like E-tribe, Hitchhiker, and Kenzie.

    (2010 Korean Version)
    The motif was Bond Girl. With the last album showing both coolness and pop together in good fashion; and even more changes had been achieved. Yuri worked on the lyrics for "Mistake", and it is also a excellent song.

    Girls' Generation Japan 1st Album
    In 2011, an original Japanese recording was released when the time was right. "Gee" and "Genie" among other hit songs are included as well as original Japanese songs to complete the album. It brought out a new Girls' Generation that was more electronic with an edgy outfit and sexy and danceable songs. Also reaching 1st place on Oricon, they sold it at just the right time. A definite listen.

    What is ‘SM Entertainment’?

    Pioneer of the Korean artists. At the moment she is advancing in Hollywood. Somebody who is respected by all SM artists. debut 2000

    Central figures who made the true potential of Korean popstars known throughout Asia. Their popularity became enormous and unwavering. debut 2004

    Super Junior
    A multi entertainment group that is active all around Asia. debut 2005

    Girls’ Generation
    debut 2007

    As a boygroup the 5 members have an even higher expectation value. They are also inevitably breaking through in Japan. debut 2008

    With the concept ‘Asia Pop Dance group’ the 5 members are at the height of their enormous popularity. debut 2009

    Kpop history can’t be talked about when excluding SM Entertainment. Their pleasing advancement started with BoA and DBSK had a breakthrough all over Asia and became a firm foundation. After that Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, F(x) and SHINee appeared one after another. Artists of the same agency take part in ‘SM TOWN LIVE’ , which is held in various Asian countries, America and also France.

    The ring of ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’ that is spreading around the world

    from USA
    The acoustic older brother and younger sister from California, America make excellent arrangements of latest Kpop hit songs and read English poetry. The trigger that got them into K-pop were ‘Gee’ and ‘Run Devil Run’. Girls’ Generation’s charm is ‘whatever they do they are cute. And, their bond and personality as a group.’ Apparently even in America recognition on the internet is slowly increasing.

    from France
    Maxime Paquet (31) who is in charge of starting the fan organization because of fellow volunteers who wanted to learn Korean at Paris' Korean Cultural Center; was introduced to K-POP through BIG BANG's "Lie" on YouTube. Her favourite is the song "Wake Up" recorded on the "HOOT" album. The reason was for this is because, "that kind of maturity speaks to a lot of people." She also talked about how she hoped that would change at "SMTown" in June of this year.

    from Brazil
    Lucas (22) who supervises the Brazilian Girls' Generation fansite, who is a resident in the southern city of Curitiba. He talked about how he was somewhat familiar about Asian culture through anime, J-Rock and J-Pop (artist like Yui and Asian Kung Fu Generation). He also said that Soshi's appeal is "how many there are," and that "for a country like Korea, they are the representatives."

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    source: GQ magazine scans by StoreMags.com via [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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