110806 Soshified put up billboard on LA to commemorate SNSD'S 4th anniversary


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    110806 Soshified put up billboard on LA to commemorate SNSD'S 4th anniversary

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-08-06, 06:13

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    SNSD’s 4th anniversary events attracted huge attentions.

    On the 5th of August, fans of SNSD from various fansites and online communities sent their congratulatory messages to the ‘nine so nyeos’ through videos, advertisements and online articles.

    Out of the many events, one event by international fans caught the public’s attention and spread their names to the world, just like how their idols do.

    On the 2nd of August, a 41-seconds long video entitled ‘SNSD 4th Anniversary’ was uploaded on Youtube, revealing the billboard event organized by international fans.

    In the video, the name ‘Girls’ Generation’ was shown on the wide digital billboard, followed by individual members appearing on the screen one by one and ended with the message ‘Happy 4th Anniversary SNSD’.

    Organized by SNSD’s largest international fansite ‘Soshified’, the aim of the event was to set up a digital billboard measuring 10.4m x 7.3m in the central area of LA and play SNSD’s promotional videos.

    On ‘its website, ‘Soshified’ stated, “The digital billboard event will be the largest of its kind in America and the video to be played in the central of LA will also attract a lot of attention.”

    Upon watching the video, international fans responded, “Happy 4th Anniversary my angels”, “I can’t believe that it’s already 4 years”, “Congratulations! It’ll be good if they continue their career for a long time in the future” etc.

    Also, Korean fans commented, “They’re indeed ‘the stars of the world’!”, “Their high popularity is not limited within Asia but goes all the way to America and Europe!”, “I’m really proud of them. Thank you, international fans” etc.

    The event which kicked off on 1st of August will be ongoing for 8 days and the billboard sits on top of the Aroma Wilshire Center.

    Credit: donga.com

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