110805 Yoona to take up rock-climbing challenge in LA Instead of Australia


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    110805 Yoona to take up rock-climbing challenge in LA Instead of Australia

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-08-05, 11:47

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    YoonA is scheduled to embark on a rock-climbing challenge in a mountainous region in Los Angeles (LA) on August 8th. The rock-climbing challenge is part of YoonA’s advertisement shoot for outdoor clothing brand, Eider.

    For the purpose of the shoot, YoonA will not be acting out the rock-climbing movements but in fact, she will be scaling the actual tough, rocky surface in LA. Because of this, YoonA, in the midst of her busy schedules with SNSD, has taken about a month to practice climbing artificial rock surfaces at a rock-climbing training centre in Seoul. The girls are currently having their vacation but YoonA is spending her holidays to practice rock-climbing ahead of her shooting sessions in LA.

    YoonA and actor Lee Minho was schedule to shoot in Australia but due to safety issues related to climate change, the location has been changed to LA instead. Because of their respective schedules, YoonA and Lee Minho were only able to practice rock-climbing together for the first time on August 2nd.

    An official who monitored YoonA’s rock-climbing practice hinted, “I’m sure YoonA is very busy due to SNSD’s activities but it seems that her rock-climbing technique is pretty good. I think she is ready for the actual rock-climbing”.

    Recently, photos of YoonA’s rock-climbing practice which were uploaded on SNSD’s fancafe ‘HwaSuEunHwa’ and other online fan community sites have garnered a lot of interest among fans and netizens.

    For the shooting session involving rock-climbing activities in LA, YoonA and Lee Minho will be fully equipped with safety devices and instructions as well as information from rock-climbing experts.

    Credit: donga.com

    Translated by fanwonder.com

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