110804 SNSD’s Seohyun visits basketball coach Park Seung Il


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    110804 SNSD’s Seohyun visits basketball coach Park Seung Il

    Post by AndreaLeong on 2011-08-04, 12:49

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    Former basketball coach Park Seung Il made headlines several times over the year because of his close relationship with SNSD members.

    Park, who’s been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a big fan of SNSD and so it inspired member Sooyoung to visit him at the hospital and more recently, he attended SNSD’s concert.

    On August 3rd, maknae member Seohyun paid a visit to the hospital, and the visit was said to have put Park in good spirits. The two snapped some photos together, which Park shared on his website, writing, “SNSD’s maknae and mom together…”.

    Besides brightening his spirits with her visit, Seohyun also gave Park Seung Il a gift, which were an exclusive album with the members’ signatures and a portable DVD player.

    Netizens commented, “SNSD are angels”, “Seohyun has a pretty face and heart”, “SNSD’s good deeds really impress me”, and “Fans can’t help but like her because she shows these kind acts”.

    Source: TV Daily via Nate

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