110803 Professional stylists grade idol fashion

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    110803 Professional stylists grade idol fashion

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-08-04, 01:34

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    Although idol stars tend to show their best and fashionable outfits on the performign stage, some stars also strut their stuff off stage as well. On ENews, professionals on fashion ranked a list of 40 different idols.

    In 5th place was miss A's Suzy. The professionals commented that her unique style was both cute and appropriate for her age. Five percent of the commenters voted for her.

    In 4th place was T-ara's Hyomin, who ranked with her casual retro style that has gained the interest of many fans. Hyomin won 15% of the votes from the professionals.

    B2ST's Junhyung ranked 3rd with 20% of the votes. Although he was the only male idol on the list, the professionals commented that his style was very extreme and suited him well.

    Davichi's Kang Minkyung
    was ranked 2nd with 25% of the votes. Kang Minkyung was picked for her fashion style that many women in her 20s want to imitate. Furthermore, her outfits are seen to fit well with her long arms, legs, and pearl-like skin.

    In 1st place, SNSD's Jessica was placed for her chic and ladylike fashion. She tends to attract lots of attention with her comfortable and stylish airport fashion.

    In fact, stylist Lee Hyunbum complimented Jessica by stating that she dresses very well and that she dresses the best out of SNSD.

    What do you think of the top 5 idol's fashion? Who else do you think has the best fashion?

    Source: Newsen
    Credit: Koreaboo

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