100831 Supernova, "Girls' Generation Will Be Successful in Japan"


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    100831 Supernova, "Girls' Generation Will Be Successful in Japan"

    Post by ♥Jessica on 2010-08-31, 16:24

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    'Japanese Debut Seniors' Supernova revealed in an interview with Newsen that they think Girls' Generation will be a success in Japan.

    They started gaining attention when their Japanese debut album reached #5 in Oricon charts.

    Gwangsoo stated, "Our fans told us through Twitter that they had gone to the SNSD showcase, and showed us pictures. We were surprised by the explosive reactions so we asked some epople in Japan, and they said Girls' Generation were 'quite good'."

    Supernova also said:

    "People think that KARA and Girls' Generation would have a lot of male fans but they actually have a lot of female fans in their teens and 20's. If they can overcome the language barrier, then they will have a greater chance of success. Korean girl groups are a hot issue in Japan at the moment. We think Girls' Generation will especially gain a lot of popularity. Japanese girl groups are aimed at male fans, but Girls' Generation are more popular with females. This is because their concept will make other females think they're cool. They are very different from previous Japanese girl groups."

    Supernova are currently gaining popularity in Korea with 'On Days That I Missed You'.

    cr: Lee EonHyuk & Bae JungHan @ newsen.com
    trans: Kimbaq @ kpoplive.com

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