110727 A YG version of SNSD to debut

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    110727 A YG version of SNSD to debut

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-07-27, 14:58

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    YG Entertainment, a company known for their hot groups 2NE1 and Big Bang, is planning on releasing a group that is to be well known for their looks and vocals. YG is calling it their version of SNSD, and it is gaining lots of interest.

    Recently, YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyunsuk stated, "I am planning to debuting a new girl group next year. This group will have beautiful looks but with a YG flair."

    YG is one of the 3 huge entertainment companies. Its groups 2NE1 and Big Bang have already met great success, so this new group has a huge chance of succeeding as well. One fact to notice is that since this group will have beautiful looks, this will be a huge change from their other usual concepts, creating more anticipation as always.

    There have been some rumors that YG only picked people for their looks instead of skills for this group.

    On this, Yang Hyunsuk stated, "I merely picked the people who showed great talent. Those who showed great talent looked beautiful to me. I did not only look at their external appearance. Truthfully, I actually like girl groups who have beautiful looks. These days, there have been many groups with both beautiful and skillful members."

    "Although it took Big Bang 5 years to debut, these days, the trainees have great skill and the system of our entertainment companies has had much improvement, shortening the training period to only 2 years. From the some 30 female trainees that we have, we will pick out certain girls to make a girl group."

    He also emphasized the fact that this new group will not be a second Big Bang or second 2NE1; this means that the new girl group will not cover genres of music that are already covered by YG's idol groups.

    Yang Hyunsuk also stated that he is always interested in creating new music groups who cover different styles. The YG entertainment company already is made up of Big Bang, 2NE1, Gummy, Big Mama, and Se7en. Each of them have their own unique styles. Therefore, this new group will also have its own unique style.

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    Credit: Koreaboo

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