110724 SNSD thanks fans for supporting their 2nd solo tour

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    110724 SNSD thanks fans for supporting their 2nd solo tour

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-07-24, 14:19

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    SNSD revealed the reasons for shedding tears at the first ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ yesterday.

    On July 23rd, SNSD kicked off the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ at Olympic Park Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul and in the midst of their performances, tears were seen rolling down their cheeks.

    At the press conference for the tour on July 24th at the same venue, YoonA revealed, “During the concert, the fans prepared a surprise event for us where they showed us banners with the message ‘보고 싶었어 (We missed you)’. Upon seeing the event prepared for us by the fans, we were touched and moved to tears”.

    She added, “Since it has been a long time, we have to show our best appearance to everyone and we felt very thankful for the event that the fans have prepared for us. We will be working harder and it feels good to be able to enjoy the moments together with the fans”.

    Sunny said, “Many overseas fans came to yesterday’s concert. It was awesome and with their presence, we seemed to be able to enjoy our own performances. We hope we could see more of this in the future”.

    On flashmob projects carried out by overseas fans, Sooyoung commented, “After hearing about Hallyu boom in foreign countries and witnessed flashmobs, the phrase i could think of is ‘Indeed, music is universal’. We are thankful and really want to perform in front of them soon. Honestly, it seems like that’s the only way to reward the overseas fans. Hopefully, together with the juniors and seniors of SM Town, we would be able to perform overseas again soon.

    The girls also explained the reasons behind the abundance of love they received from overseas fans. Among the reasons mentioned was the combination of each member’s unique characters and the performances that enables SNSD to deliver good performances to the fans.

    Taeyeon then talked about the most memorable fan she encountered. She revealed, “While performing in France for SM Town concert, I saw a man with ‘YoonA’ written in Hangul on his arm. The image of that man stays in my memory till now. It’s amazing that overseas fans show interest not only in our music but also the Korean language”.

    Yuri, Sooyoung and Tiffany also expressed their gratitude to the fans from Taiwan and Singapore who came to Korea to watch the girls.

    Yuri said, “I heard about Taiwanese fans coming to Korea through articles on a newspaper. The title says, “It Was Like A Dream Coming to SNSD’s Country’. We are thankful that they even came over for our concert and so, we would like to present a lively performance in front of them and let them feel the energy”.

    Sooyoung added, “During the concert yesterday, I saw many fans carrying cards with the message ‘I’m from Taiwan’. From the stage, I was moved to see fans from overseas. I was thankful and the memory of the touching moments we experienced during the concert in Taiwan last year are still fresh in my mind. Since it was a really a memorable concert, I want to go there again through this Asia tour”.

    Tiffany then said, “We would like to thank the Singaporean fans who came to watch us live. If there’s a chance, we would like to have a concert in Singapore”.

    The performance itinery for ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ is almost similar to the 14-concerts ’1st Japan Arena Tour’ which was held in 6 major cities in Japan from May 31st to July 18th.

    For the 2nd solo tour, SNSD performed more than 30 songs, including hit songs such as ‘Gee’, Run Devil Run’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Hoot’ and songs from 1st Japanese Album namely ‘The Great Escape’, ‘Bad Girl’, etc. SNSD also performed the Korean version of ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘Let It Rain’ during the concert in Seoul on July 23rd.

    Former professional basketball coach, Park SeungIl who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease also went to SNSD’s concert to give his support to his dear friend, Sooyoung.

    SNSD will have another concert at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on July 24th before moving on to other venues for this edition of their Asian tour.

    Credit: asiatoday.co.kr/sportschosun.com/newsen.com
    Source: fanwonder.com

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