110722 Jessica with her BMW Car

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    110722 Jessica with her BMW Car

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-07-23, 06:42

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    Jessica tried to go back to her home by her own car but she didn't know the way so the manager told her the way. Jessica drove the car to go out and she could drove away around 5 metre and parked. Afterward, she asked the way again... Anyway, she was sure that she wouldn't get lost this time but!!!! She drove passing by the exit... then she had to drive back again. LOL

    Source: DEFSICislove
    English Translation: taenggyunjae

    Another fanaccount

    Jessica was the first one who came out after the rehearsal and drove BMW by herself
    It seems like she doesn't know the way so she asked the staff and drove around 10 meters the suddenly stopped.
    She pulled the window down to ask the staff again. Then she drove confidently but
    But she missed the exit gate so she had to turn backward again. All the fans around there laughed very loudly. LOL~

    Credit: jungsis

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