110720 Sica and her white BMW

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    110720 Sica and her white BMW

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-07-20, 17:07

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    I translated the DRJC fanacc of seeing Sica and her white BMW from the outside of the SM building on July 19th.

    "At about 3pm, I reached the SM building. At that time, most of the girls have entered the building and Taeyeon has already left. Apparently, there are a lot of people at the company today.

    At about 4pm plus, a white BMW drove to the back of the building and it was a female driver. At a closer look, it was Jessica!

    She parked her car skillfully, took her belongings and opened the car door. Sica did not put on makeup or even if she did, it was probably only the foundation and she did not even use eyeliner.

    She changed her clothes from those she wore earlier at the airport. After all, the short skirt she wore earlier was not very suitable for driving.

    I stood about a meter away from where she parked her car and I said, "Sica, Hi!"

    She smiled and said hi too and I said "Yeppeuni" before she went inside the building.

    I did not take photos of her to respect her privacy since she was on her personal time and is without makeup. That is also why I did not take a photo of her driving.

    Sica came back out after about 10 minutes with a piece of paper in her hands.

    I said bye bye to her and she smiled again and said bye bye too!

    She then entered her car and reversed it. To me, she seemed like a really good driver for a beginner. She stuck out her tongue while reversing the car and I can hear the other fans squealing and exclaming about how cute she is behind me.

    As fast as a rocket, she zoomed off on the street and someone next to me commented that she drives rather fast. Indeed, she was a smooth and non-hesitating driver.

    I followed her on foot to the front entrance of the building and she waved at me! I really felt that I can die without regrets at that moment for meeting my bias.

    I sat outside the building to wait for the other girls but did not manage to see anyone else. However, I did get to see four out of the five SHINee members and five SuJu members."

    Credit: nineangels_

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