110715 Seohyun pens diary for Parisian travels

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    110715 Seohyun pens diary for Parisian travels

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-07-15, 17:37

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    SNSD’s maknae Seohyun celebrated her birthday recently and fans even went as far as to send their well wishes to her through advertisement sections on daily newspapers.

    Other than being Korea’s idol group, SNSD is also better known as the ’9 Warriors’, who have helped tremendously to spread Korean culture to the other parts of the world.

    Despite being the youngest of the nine, Seohyun is known to be sensible and knowledgeable, in addition to having excellent writing skills as acknowledged by her fans and SM Town family.

    Starting from July 13th, Seohyun’s journals on her dream-like trip to France was published exclusively by Korean media Naeil News and the column was named as ‘Seohyun’s Paris Diary’.

    Seohyun’s first ‘expedition journal’ was written from the point of view of a sensible twenty-year-old girl and it will be revealed part by part.

    SNSD’s maknae used a serious style of writing to illustrate the attractions and K-pop fever in France, right from the first day of touring landmarks in Paris to the second day where the local K-pop fever could be felt and finally to the day where the SM Town concert was held. Along with her writings, photos taken from her own camera were also published.

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    Overall, there are three diary entries written by Seohyun and in sequence, the articles are titled as such;
    1. First day in Paris, where I longed for in my dreams.
    2. Let’s become Parisians today! The world is big and there are countless things we do not know of.
    3. Here, it’s Paris; I am Korean singer SNSD.

    The following excerpt is from Seohyun’s second diary entry.

    Let’s become Parisians today! The world is big and there are countless things we do not know of.

    This is the first time I have visited Paris, France and everything seems new and interesting to me. Although I became familiarized with things in one or two days, all of these are brand new experiences.

    Today, I made some good memories in Montmartre. Seeing the whole of Paris from the hill, I felt that the view looked great and beautiful. Ah, at that moment, I felt like archiving everything I saw in my mind. I also tried hard to take a lot of pictures and to keep the wonderful scenery in my head.

    I also went to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, where there were many artists working in a free and creative aura. How is the portrayal of me by the artist?

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    Without hesitation, I asked him to draw a portrait of me and I sat there for 30 minutes in excitement. It was not boring at all to wait as my heart was filled with joy as I looked forward to the completed portrait while creating new memories in an unfamiliar place.

    The feeling at the moment of receiving the portrait was beyond words and description. It was really beautifully drawn and it was more of a Western style portrait than an Eastern one.

    I then left the church after giving my deepest appreciation to the artist – “Merci Beaucoup” (Thank you very much in French). Once again, I left another piece of unforgettable memory at the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

    After having my portrait drawn, I went to Saint Louis’ Sherbet Road, where one must visit if they go to Paris. Regardless of age and gender, everyone on the road had ice creams in their hands. We see people queuing up in long lines everywhere, waiting for their turns to buy the sherbets, made using only fruits. I can never forget the taste of the sherbet.

    In Paris, I tried a variety of food. Although I usually do not like sweet stuff, I tried the traditional fruit macarons, crepes, chocolate and even escargots!

    Among all the food I tried, the sherbet was really ‘daebak’! Through the different images and moments throughout the day, I really enjoyed staying in Paris to experience their diversified culture.

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    While enjoying the day in happiness, I encountered an interesting incident; it seems like Parisians know us! I’m not talking about the Koreans living in Paris but rather the local residents themselves!

    Upon seeing us, they approached us and asked, “Are you So Nyeo Shi Dae?” We were really surprised that people recognised us even in such foreign countries!

    It was also amazing that they called us “So Nyeo Shi Dae” in Korean and not “Girls’ Generation”, while some spoke to us in English and said, “It’s nice to meet you. I am going for the concert,” or “I really like SNSD’s music and I am French.”

    I did not expect anyone to know us so we were really pleasantly surprised and thankful that many people recognised us even before the concert.

    Once again, I left behind beautiful memories in Paris. Hwaiting SNSD, Hwaiting Korea!

    Credit: Naeil News

    Translated by: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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    Re: 110715 Seohyun pens diary for Parisian travels

    Post by ilove_YongSeo on 2011-07-15, 17:49

    wow that's Seobaby Journey after all..SNSD Hwaiting!!!

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