110712 Taking a closer look at the SNSD Fever in Japan!

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    110712 Taking a closer look at the SNSD Fever in Japan!

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-07-12, 18:10

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    Through the mass media, we hear news about overseas activities of Korean singers every day. In fact, the Kpop industry garners overwhelming popularity in Asian countries. Recently, the Kpop syndrome has gone beyond Asia, to as far as Europe and South American countries.

    In view of this, cable channel Mnet crews followed SNSD to their 1st Japan Arena Tour held in Yoyogi Sports Stadium on the 29th of June. The crews personally experienced the ‘SNSD fever’ in Japan.

    The Mnet production crews went to various cultural attractions in Japan, such as Shinjuku, Shinbuya, Halajuku and Shin-Okubo, where they met and interviewed Japanese people of different gender and age groups.

    SNSD who are gradually becoming a part of the young generation’s life, also change the lifestyles of these young people. The secret behind their charms is going to be revealed for the first time through Mnet’s Korean Wave reports.

    Divided into 2 sections, the first part of the report entitled “Do you know SNSD?” will be aired on the 14th of July, this Thursday, where reasons for SNSD’s popularity will be revealed.

    Mnet’s production crew said, “In the past, Korean fan culture was very much different from the Japanese. Korean fans carry out activities in groups while Japanese fans prefer to do it individually. However, after Korean singers gained much popularity in Japan, Japanese fan culture became somewhat similar to that of the Koreans”.

    The crew also added, “Unlike Korea, SNSD are popular among Japanese females from the group age of 10-30 years old. This is not only due their songs, but also the fact that female fans follow SNSD’s fashions closely as well as learning their makeup methods, which changes the fans’ lifestyles. So far, the news made known to the public in Korea only discussed about the overseas activities and popularity of Korean singers but ‘BOOM the K-POP’ will be bringing more realistic reports to the viewers as our crews have personally experienced the ‘SNSD fever’ in Japan.”

    Mnet ‘BOOM the K-POP’ preview video was released first through YouTube last week. Even though it was a short video clip, it garnered over 30,000 views from people in Korea as well as Korean music lovers in foreign countries.

    In addition to these, Mnet will be showing live scenes of SNSD’s Yoyogi Japan Arena Tour for the first time, through the first section of ‘BOOM the K-POP’ which will be aired on July 14th at 7.30pm KST!

    Credit: kmomnews.com
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