110708 On cloud nine with Soshi!

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    110708 On cloud nine with Soshi!

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-07-08, 16:23

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    According to Daum Communications on July 8th, SNSD’s summer images can be downloaded through Daum’s cloud services (http://cloud.daum.net).

    SNSD members’ summer pictures are shared through Daum Cloud promotion page (http://durl.me/budxy). The pictures are available as wallpapers for PC (4 types) with different resolutions, 1 type for iPhone and Android phones respectively. On every Tuesday and Friday, the individual images of SNSD members will be revealed and on August 9th, photos featuring all members will also be available.

    In addition to this, if one downloads the Daum Cloud Application, he/she might stand a chance to be among the 306 lucky prize winners decided through lucky draws. This is part of the ‘Download Daum Cloud App and Win An Ipad 2 Instantly!’ event which will end on August 11th.

    Daum Communications’ Planning Team Leader, Kwon JiYoung said, “In order to provide Daum Cloud users with variety of fun and excitement, the SNSD summer pictures download event was organized. Daum Cloud services which can be used anywhere, anytime on PC and mobile devices regardless of capacity, provide more convenience to the users”.

    Initially, Daum Cloud services was launched in March this year with maximum file upload of 4GB with optimized pictures and documents integration functions. It supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, etc through PC Sync application. Starting from June, the storage space for users of Daum Cloud was increased to 50GB, providing more storage capabilities and advantages.

    Credit: asiae.co.kr
    Source: fanwonder.com

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