110630 It’s always a ‘Good Day’ whenever SNSD appear!

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    110630 It’s always a ‘Good Day’ whenever SNSD appear!

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-06-30, 09:21

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    On MBC ‘Good Day’ aired in the morning of June 30th, the crew of the show met up with SNSD on June 29th, while they were preparing for their concert in Tokyo Yoyogi Stadium. Before the concert on June 29th, the girls had performed 3 concerts in the same venue for the Arena Tour. This was indeed the proof of the girls’ massive popularity.

    When they were met at the waiting room, SNSD’s faces were brightly lit with happiness as they feel and enjoy the popularity they achieved thus far. The girls said, “We have achieved the no.1 spot on Oricon Weekly Chart”. They added, “Our album recorded sales exceeding 230,000 copies in the first week and including Japanese artistes, we are ranked 4th in the Yearly Oricon Chart”.

    When the crew mentioned how the girls were often featured in Korean and Japanese news, Sunny said, “It’s good that good news came out”, her witty answer caused the other girls to burst into laughters.

    In reply to the question on their popularity in Japan, Taeyeon replied, “Whenever there is a tour concert, we realized that we are popular judging by the fans who come to our concert”. Sooyoung added, “Not only Korean artistes, there seems to be an increase of interest in Korean food and the Korean language as well”.

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    Meanwhile, when YoonA was asked on where she got the idea of doing the pole dancing performance, she replied, “I got the idea from looking at the individual stage performances and the dancers’ costumes. I want to show everyone a different look”.

    Tiffany who was also present during the interview said, “It was a really great performance. SNSD’s no.1 sexy member is our YoonA”.

    About her see-thru costume, YoonA said, “Style from YoonA, details from Tiffany”. Tiffany responded, “She ‘digested’ the concept really well”. Tiffany added, “If you come over to see our solo concert, you might be able to witness the really sexy performance”, filling fans with expectations of seeing YoonA’s sexy dance at the 2nd solo concert which will be held in Seoul on July 23rd and 24th.

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    In addition to these, the show also took a look at what happened behind the stage at the SM Town Live World Tour in Paris. As they completed their performance and came down from the stage, the crew of the show asked Sunny, “Are you all right now?”. Sunny replied, “Now, I’m very active”.

    YoonA who was beside Sunny then said jokingly, “She was feeling a little sick the other day but from that evening onwards, she was really active. It was not fair”.

    Sunny added, “I felt sorry for the fans who were worried about me. I’m really healthy now. I eat well and rest well, so, please don’t worry”.

    Credit: newsen.com/tvreport.co.kr/mtstarnews.com
    Source: fanwonder.com

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