110624 Japanese fans aspire to be SNSD!

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    110624 Japanese fans aspire to be SNSD!

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-06-24, 16:23

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    On Nihon TV’s ‘ZIP’ aired on June 22nd (morning) the ‘SNSD craze’ in Japan was discussed in a section entitled ‘I want to be SNSD’.

    The program featured an interview with a group of young female fans at the ‘Japan Arena Tour’ concert, a young girl in her teens who wants to be the 10th member of SNSD and also a group of students learning SNSD’s dance steps in a dancing school.

    Japanese female fans come from different age groups but they seem to have similar opinions about SNSD. Among their comments were, “To be like SNSD, I’m currently on diet”, “I want to be like SNSD” and “Dance, songs and everything about them is perfect”.

    Particularly, an elementary school female student said, “I want to become a singer like SNSD” and expressed her desire to spend hundreds of million of yens to renovate certain areas of her house into a dancing room.

    In addition to that, a dancing school specializing in SNSD’s choreography stated, “The students adore SNSD very much”. To date, more than 1000 students have enroled for the SNSD dance course, which was introduced since SNSD’s Japanese debut last year. It was also mentioned that any student who has completed 4 sessions (1.5 hours each) would be able to master the choreography of a particular song.

    Besides this, SNSD’s ‘nail fashion’ also seems to be a hot demand at a Korean-owned nail shop in Japan. The shop received a lot of requests requests such as, “I want my nails to look like Sooyoung’s in SNSD’s ‘Hoot’ album jacket”.

    Credit: mt.co.kr
    Source: fanwonder.com

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