110605 The Otakus revealed!

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    110605 The Otakus revealed!

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-06-05, 06:45

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    Taeyeon talked about herself being a “Cosmetics Otaku” on Japan’s Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station’ on June 3rd. Before presenting their stage performance, SNSD went through a talk session together with Japanese top stars like Hey! Say! JUMP and Alisa Mizuki. SNSD members were asked to talk about which kind of ‘Otaku’ (Otaku in Japanese means a person with abnormal addiction to certain things) they are.

    The Kid Leader, Taeyeon revealed that Tiffany is a ‘Pink Otaku’. Taeyeon made a surprise comment, “She really loves pink, so not only all her stuffs are in pink, her room is also decorated in pink”.

    Next, Sooyoung revealed that, “Taeyeon is a Cosmetics Otaku”. She said, “This time our members brought very big suitcases because we’re going to stay in Japan for a very long, but compared to other members who brought a lot of clothes, Taeyeon’s suitcase was filled with cosmetics”.

    Taeyeon, who was feeling rather shy revealed, “I brought along 20 lips-related products, 10 make-up brushes and 5 cosmetics bags this time for the Tour”. This confession surprised Japanese artistes who were sitting adjacent the girls.

    Credit: sportsseoul.com
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