110530 SNSD Yuri's Vogue Japan Interview

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    110530 SNSD Yuri's Vogue Japan Interview

    Post by Jessica Jung (제시카) on 2011-05-30, 13:23

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    1.) When do you see the individuality within the members?
    -When things are healthy, bright, honest. Or Energetic. When dancing.

    2.) Who is an artist you admire?
    -Recently it’s Janet Jackson again, and I’m looking forward to Ciara. Janet’s the best!

    3.) In your off-time, what kind of fashion do you like?
    -Chic and simple fashion.

    4.) What hair and body care do you use to maintain your beauty?
    - In Mr. Taxi I tried to give my hair a light color for the first time. Because I put bleach and highlights in, I take care of it at home when I have time. The exercise I’m waiting on lately is musclebuilding (lol.) It’s my fourth year doing yoga

    5.) What items are essential when you wear makeup?
    -Since skin tone is the most important, base and UV block.

    6.) How do you care for and show off your legs when they’re tired from dancing?
    - Hip baths. I always put in bath powder given to me by Japanese fans. Let’s all exercise and stretch~ (lol.)

    7.) What shoes and bags do you like?
    -Whether it’s shoes or bags, the first thing I think about is the material. I like simple things that have a high class feel.

    8.) If you were to fall in love, what kind of partner would be ideal?
    -A person with a warm heart and kind eyes.

    9.) What thing do you want the most right now?
    -A Laptop! It’s essential equipment for composing music.

    10.) What’s your number one luxury?
    -Spending time pointlessly.

    “I’m happy today because the main color matches my skin!”

    Trans: kimmiemai

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